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Hello. My father received checks in the mail. Ge qualified for 25,000 and he used about 18,000....his payments was 200.00 a month. Than he received a bill for 500.00 a month. Than he tried to talk to a rep. They told him he had to pay 500.00 a month for 30 years. The interest would be 159 thousand. This is worse than a loan shark. . . This should be illegal as *** . ..a person 75 years old getting scammed by bank of America.... Read more

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It's all about making money on there customers. This bank sucks and wish they'd go out of business Add comment

I've been a customer for 20 years and BOA within the last 2-3 years gives the worst customer service. They look for ways to make money off existing customers every chance they get. I've decided to take my money elsewhere. I stayed for so long because of such outstanding customer service but that no longer exists. Add comment

On 5/20, I had two restrictions with Bank of America ATM IMONO51, Serial#: 5404. The ATM took -$200 each time for two times for a total of $400. But I never received this money. The two restrictions transection were shown in statement on the 5/20/16. But they were deleted from my bank statements on 5/21/16. I called the bank to credit the money but was put on hold for 4 hours. I got frastructed and when to a local BoA in Kanas City. They told me... Read more

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I've been a customer for almost 10 years and it seems like this bank has gone to pits in the last 2 years. Their customer service is so pathetic and I feel sorry for their reps because they don't have the ability to resolve customer issues. I called to stop a bill pay payment I scheduled through B of A and they aren't capable of doing so. How can your bank, whom is sending the funds, not cancel their own transaction? With all that bailout money... Read more

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Went to Bank of America to make a payment on credit card.I went to the drive thru and had no idea what I was in for.Thought I would put money in a tube and send it over but instead It is called Teller Assit ATM.So I put my number in and I am told to send money in the atm .It takes up to 30 bills.Well it took my money and didnt register.I put $1380 and it spit bsck five dollars and kept $1375.The teller apologizes and gives me a number to... Read more

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Bank of America let 25,000 of fraudulent activity happen to my family trust account. I filed a claim with the fraud and claims department and my claim has been refused over some of the activity occurred before the 60 dsy time frame to report fraud to my account. I unfortunately discoverrd the iver 60 dsy activity while filing my claim on forged checks and withdrawals that just occured within days of my report. They refuse to honor any of the... Read more

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I have been keeping you in the loop of my 55 month battle with nasty old Bank of America and how terrible, dishonest, and fraudulent these people are- you KNOW all that with thousands of complaints failed with the phone CFPB, over $100 Billion dollars in fines, penalties, and settlements in lawsuits. The National Mortgage settlement, all the bailouts, the USDOJ suit for nearly $17 Billion Dollars, and thousands of lawsuit B of A has lost, not... Read more

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I had an absolutely HORRIBLE experience getting my home loan from Bank of America. It was the WORST customer service EVER. I could write a novel about the agony but I will try to condense it to meet this format. Needless to say I am moving my banking elsewhere and I know they will sell my home loan probably before I make my first payment, so at least I will never have to deal with them again. We had a 60 day closing. That is twice as long as a... Read more

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The sales pitches at the beginning of call to the credit card number listed on website did not ever get me to a representative...instead I was given a number to call T-Mobile. WTH! This advertising is enough to have me withdraw most of my funds, which is now in process. BoA has gone too far. One cannot spend 10-15 minutes just to ask a simple question. When I finally did get a representative, she was able to answer my question in less than... Read more

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