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i called 2 weeks ago for a yearend statement. was told it would be received 7-10 days. have yet te receive it. called today and was told to wait another week befor i can ask for it to be resent. offered to pay for overnight charges was told no way. your customer service has a long wayto go before its worth a ***.if there was a bamk that did what banks should do. the big 5 would be gone.... Read more

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My DEBIT card expired end of last year. 5 weeks later, I have not recieved a new card. Called 3 times. Each time I was told the card was sent and I will recieve it in about 7 to 10 business days. I had to beg the customer service personnel to look into it. Only to learn from her that they only say card was sent. In truth, they forgot. Bank of America sure have very incapable, unqualified and... Read more

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BEWARE!!! Bank of america is one of the worst banks I've ever seen. Bank of America's cash back rewards card isn't worth it, considering the fact that you spend thousands and it takes for ever to even rack up enough points worth anything. They also nickel and dime you for literally everything. I went to another banking institution to make a payment using my debit card because I was told it would... Read more

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I will never do business with bank of America again. I was in the hospital, and my insurance payment of $138 went through more than once, causing my account to go in the red. Boa changed me twelve fees of 35.00 and would not waive just two of them. So basically I have to pay five hundred dollars for a $138 mistake I made. Never ever again. Add comment

Make and mistake and Bank of America will nail you for every charge they can!! Horrible!! Been a customer since 2005, with a credit card, several accounts, and a mortgage and they do not care about you at all! I am so disgusted with them. Run and find another bank. Wish I could just close my account today. Never thought I would be treated so poorly. Their managers can't do anything and... Read more

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Kiss works for you. Be Friends with other Banks. Salt and Vinegar Bad, Honey Well. ?? I have never been so Disgusted Appalled and just plain Angry after try numerous times to set up my checking account info and could no find any were in the online account to do that unless I had a checking account with your "Bank of America" on your online Rabbit hole jumping online banking I came to the... Read more

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Connie Augirre elderly wemon of age today she is 78 yrs of age this is a horrible situation.,this took place 3yrs ago.i believe that she was taken advantage .Bank merica is Corp big and they have responsibility for every homeowner .a senior women of age provisions of federal relief is avaliable ,so homeowners can have safety and affordability also hedge protection from... Read more

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Bank of America Temecula on Ynez is the worst. Every time I come in 1 or 2 tellers and long lines. Now there is 14 people in front of me on Monday at 4:00 pm. 2 people have walked out. I am done closing my account. Add comment

My Mom passed last month. For some reason even though im on her bank account BOFA pushed a button and deleted my profile instead of hers. I had about 50 companies setup for bill pay that are gone. Not really very apologetic . This is hours of work for me digging up payments from two businesses and two personal account where bills that went out just got deleted .Im so upset i want to leave this... Read more

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I tried to refinance my mrtgage with BOA. The loan officer wasted my time repeatedly asking for the same documents, asked the same questions many times, did not upload necessary documents for underwriter,s review until I called to make sure things are moving forward. At the end, despite my insurance company,s explanation, neither the loan officer nor the underwriter understood the home... Read more

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