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Bank of America charges to cash their own check

Bank of America charges to cash their own checks to non-customers thus forcing you to give them your own money. Shame on you Bank of America. The regulating body of financial institutions says this is legal. Shame on them too. Why not change the law? It's only common sense. I guess in a free country like "America (Bank of)" you are forced to open a bank account (not that I don't have a few) in order to keep your own money. I hate Bank of America and I stopped doing business with them years ago. I like Washington Mutual much better and no fees.
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It is now $8 to cash a check if you don't have an account even if the check is written from BofA. This is a rip off that just happened to my son.

I do business with BofA but do not agree with this policy. As soon as I can, I want to move elsewhere.

Customer service sucks and lines are always long. So disappointed!


Did somebody just saying cashing a check is a privilege? If you issue a check, which is a guarantee of money, you have an obligation to satisfy that obligation, not a privilege to do it.

You client owes me money.

You gave him a right to issue checks in your name to satisfy that debt. It should be criminal you can refuse to do so without a bribe of $6.


Did somebody just saying cashing a check is a privilege? If you issue a check, which is a guarantee of money, you have an obligation to satisfy that obligation, not a privilege to do it.

You client owes me money.

You gave him a right to issue checks in your name to satisfy that debt. It should be criminal you can refuse to do so without a bribe of $6.


absolutely disgusted with Bank of America, may they go out of business...


I have a B of A account. I can't even write my Husband a check instead of going to the bank and getting him cash without they wanting the $6 fee.

He refuses to cash a check from my bank as "extortion" trying to get him to have an account there. I don't want to put him on my account and I hate the inconvience of going to the bank to get cash out for him to save $6. I think I'm going to move my account to a Credit Union. I pay a $14/mo.

fee to have a checking accout. They get to use my money until I spend it.

The charge 29.99% on my VISA. They get plenty from me without charging the check cashing fee.


When banks cash their own check, they are completing a transaction FOR their customer. It is NOT a service to the person trying to cash the check.

The bank's customer does not have to get in their car, drive to their bank, get money out, drive to the person they wish to pay, etc. They don't have to do all that because they have a bank for that.

It should be illegal for a bank to charge a non-customer a fee to honor their own bank's check!!!!!!! Bill they bank's customer, they can complain and switch to a better bank!!!


No one denies it is legal. And BoA clearly discloses this information to their customers when they open accounts.

No one forces a person to cash a check at BoA. The service is for the check casher and not the original customer. If you don't want to pay the fee, but decide to go to BoA anyway then make the maker of the check pay you that much more money. It's between you and them.

You are a customer of the maker of the check, but not the bank the customer uses.

They are within their rights to recoup costs related to the transaction (staff, money, computers, etc). They charge the customer for costs related to their transactions (keeping track of their money, internet sites and maintenance, mail delivery of documents, etc).


A little late into this thread, but Chase fingerprinted me today to cash a $12 check from a friend for a cell phone. He's an old man who gets confused easily, so I've been ordering net10 deals online, and we split them.

Chase gave me the line-of-hooey about "to protect the bank." I started spouting off laws and wanted to know why they wanted me to fingerprint and what would become of the print; of course, I did not get an answer.

Someone wrote about all the people clogging up the teller lines. Look, in the old-golden days of banking, there was no online or debit card withdrawal banking. So banks do less work all the time, and charge more for it.

Both BOFA and Chase are big-time criminals.

I'm not thru with them yet. Wrote a letter about ADA law, what if I'm allergic to the ink, blah blah blah, and I'm coming in to examine the Community Reinvestment Act.

What they really wanted was for me to open a small account. No way, Chase honey! I'm sticking to my credit unions.


Then why didn't you cash it at your credit union. The bank does not owe non customers free services.


I got fingerprinted in Chase today in Dallas, TX, over $12 a friend wrote me for a cell phone. He's an old man who confuses easily, and I've been getting Net10 deals and splitting them with him.

Next time he'll give me cash for his half.I mentioned laws in Chase and they looked at me like I was the criminal.

I'm going back in a few days to look at their Community Reinvestment Act. I'm not through with them yet.As this cr@***a about too many clogging up the teller lines, there are a lot of people like me who bank online and get cash back on a debit card instead of going in a bank.I use credit unions mostly because of what banks don't do for the private individual.

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Los Angeles, California
Bank Of America Account
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I feel I have been discriminated against by Bank Of America...on 4/23/08 I walked into the branch in Chino around 4:11 pm for a merchant's deposit. I was asked to wait for the teller, so I did. I wasn't feeling good at all, but I continued to wait. The supervisor noticed many times how bad I was feeling..then another guest walked in, immediately, the supervisor, Perla, took her in and she had the same deposit as I did. The other lady who asked me to wait for the teller, told Pera that I was next in the line and I should be helped first. Still Perla tried to take in the other guest, but the other lady insisted I go and she apologized and sent me in. When I commented to Perla that it wasn't right that if it is her friend or relative that doesn't give the guest the priority over me because I was there first and have been waiting also...she nodded her head and said that she doesn't know her, and left...what does that mean then, that she being a supervisor is discriminating against me?? What kind of role model is she for the rest of the employees? I was very hurt by that.
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Thank you guys...

@ Customer Service Guy: Get a life dude! If you are not interested, you don't need to be here and read it in the first place, peace!


next time i get an affirmative action employ from a bank will hang up! I could never understand her on the phone, would ask her how my lone was going and all i heard was it was with the under writer , then she would ask me for a P&L statement on a lot that i just paid taxes on for the past 20 years or a copy of some random check, etc. it has been 5 months now with 3 extensions one was for her to go on vacation with out tell me , on a home which the same bank owns , credit score around 800 and income $17,000 per month house payment $1100 per month, i think this is discrimination is this how BoA tell its affirmative action employs to treat the whit man and before this experience I was color blind and my kid will be done with law school next year lol


Evert customer deserves equal treatment - it's any banks policy. Report your issue to the Office of the President for Bank of America. This bank has a policy for doing the right thing.

Customer Service Guy: you are by far out of line.


Customer service Guy, ILMAO


some banks ask managers and customer service reps to service clients with LARGE relationships with the bank themselves instead of having them wait in the teller line... this may have been the case in this instance


sounds like you have a low self esteem. Not discrimination in my book.

So what if the manager took the other person over you. Get over it. Sounds like a problem you've had all your life.

If it bothers you that much just go kill yourself. No one needs to hear your pathetic pity party.

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Los Angeles, California
I hate the fact that they would hold the pending transaction for 2 days it messes up my balance. I also hate the fact that they would clear big amounts first before the small amounts. Imagine If you have 6 pending transaction and another check is coming into clear and...
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the only things i have against using debit instead of credit is A) some merchants charge for PIN based transactions B) you dont get visa/ mastercard coverage C) less secure if you use your pin alot it is easier for it to be compromised

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San Francisco, California
Bank Of America Manager

BE WARE BOE Drains your money

If you have account with this bank and not set your accout for "Not to allow any negative balances" on your account Please ask them to do so. Even if you have balance in Saving and not in checking and if you use Debit card every tranaction even for penny may cost you $ 20 to $35. Bank sucked 115 $ from my account and with gr8 favour gave $35 for 4 transactions in 3-4 day when I was having balance in saving for initial 3 transactions. Customer support show small letter booklet now and say you need to read this and show simpathy for what bank is doing for us. I am told they have atleast 1 customer everu day who come with this issue. Is there any way to get this money back? Can we go to consumer forum?
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This is why bank's give you free check registers. It's your account, and your money.

If you can't keep track of it even with all the help you're already given that's your own fault.

Banks can't hold your hand and manage your money for you. If you overspend and the bank pays for it, suck it up and learn to add.


to answer your question....No, you're a just another customer that can not manage their money. Close your account and buy a piggy bank.

you can't set your account to not have any negative balances. if you don't have enough money to cover a transaction when your account goes through processing, you're gonna be charged a fee.

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Silver Spring, Maryland
Bank Of America Account

Gave wrong information

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Fairfax, Virginia
Bank Of America Manager
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Electronic payment held by BOA and lies from customer service

On the 3rd of the month i sent a western union quick collect payment more than my minimum due to bank of america for a bill due on the 8th. Never had a problem with this before and have never been late. 3 days later they said they hadn't received payment. 4 days later, when I called back they said the payment was "pending". And said the next day it would be posted. 5th day came (due date) and said that by 12:03 am next day it would be posted. That will make me late, proof but no help for me
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Totally agree even several years later. I had to make my payment for my house through WU as BOFA shut down my online access.

SO I took more then my mortgage to the WU location - made the payment called the next day to be sure they had it. I was told yes they did, talk to you next month. The next month we got foreclosure docs saying we never made the payment. They said they got it but it went to some legal fund vs my mortgage.


No real answer - after curing our account they sent us a check for the missing $2100 that we had paid saying we over paid. WTF~~ :x


Sounds like you should be complaining to Western Union. The bank can't control how long or when other companies are going to send them money. Is there a reason why you can't pay online, in a banking center, at the ATM, or over the phone?

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Tahlequah, Oklahoma
Bank Of America Credit Card
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ROBBERS of America (BOA)

Before I write this I will admitted that I am no good with budgeting my money! Okay now we have that out the way On March 28, 2008 I went to Bank of America Hyde Park location to close my Keep the Change savings account. The person who helped me is Robert P. Before closing the account I asked him what would happen to my paycheck I was expecting a direct deposit on 04/01/08. He said “the check will be sent back to your employer, that could take up to two weeks and to have my employer cut me a pay check”. He gave me receipt of the account being closed. On April, 1 2008 my employer cut me a paycheck because we where bother under the impression that my check would come back to the job. Well on 04/04/08 I went to BOA online to check my balance and behold my savings account was still open, active, and two charges hit my account. When I called BOA customer service the rep advised me that if my account was recently closed that my direct deposit could and did reopen my account and it would remain open until I reclosed it and apologized for me being misinformed. When I asked what I should do because my employer had already cut me a paycheck per the BOA Hyde Park rep she advised me to do a Direct Deposit Reversal. After our phone conversation I went to the branch to show the rep that close my account what had happened. And according to the other reps at this branch the guy who assisted me was the branch president. When I told him what had happened he said he didn’t know this could happen and there was nothing he could do. He could reclose the account and cut me a check for whatever was left of my paycheck. My only argument was if I had know that my account would reopen I would have left this account open and pulled my money out after my direct deposit hit. Instead of having to make two trips to this branch. Being out $155. Having to explain to my employer that he paid me twice and part of the money was gone due to other posting in the account and that I had no way to repay him the remainder money because I paid my bills and rent with my paycheck. Sorry I don’t have money saved in my keep the change savings accounts its seems like I did everything but saved with this account. Question why would you give someone four check books for a savings account?
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Saint Petersburg, Florida
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Bank of America

These people have the WORST customer service ever! I was charged a $35 overdraft fee when my account went $0.06 overdrawn- even though I have overdraft protection- and when I called the 800# I was very rudely told"because of my account history I was inelegible for the overdraft protection". What the heck is that supposed to mean? I have banked with these people for 9 years an only been overdrawn twice! Where is the $250 I paid for the overdraft protection service in the first place? Try asking them cause all I keep getting is a run around! I will never recomend them to anyone again!
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Why do Bank Of America place a 2 week hold on your account if your account is overdrawn for 21 days or more.First of all

boa charge you overdraft fees and extended

overdraft fees.The customer is paying the fees for their overdrawn account, why the

2 week hold on a check when it is deposited.The teller say it is because the check has to clear.I have deposited the same check for over a year it usually post the next day.I feel this rule should change because BOA is putting the customer further in debt.


customer service guy is completely 100% right. JCM makes me wonder though, if you were getting a monthly fee for an acct that was supposed to be free why did it take you 11 years to figure it out? Sounds like you weren't meeting basic requirements to keep whichever particular checking acct you had free, which isn't the bank's shouldn't have just sat there for 11 years and let it accumulate.


everyone is eligible for overdraft protection. All you need is a checking account and either a savings account (opened in the same state as the checking), credit card thru BofA, or a line of credit.

If you have one of those three options, then your accounts can be linked for overdraft protection.

Also, it doesn't cost $250 to have the serivce either. Just a $10 overdraft protection transfer fee each time its used.


I left BOA after 11 years and went to Wachovia. Haven't had a problem yet.

BOA kept charging me a $20 monthly checking account free when iwas supposed to have free checking!

$2640 in checking fees when I signed up for FREE CHECKING or so I was told. After several attempts to get this corrected I figured the best way to do this was just change banks.

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Killeen, Texas
Bank Of America Checking Account
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Bank of America New NSF Charge

Every bank of America customer should move their account(s) to credit unions. Effective 3/1/08, B of A will charge a fee for items that were authorize for payments while there's not enough funds in your account. It does not matter if a deposit has been made to cover those items in time for the pending items to clear. I was told by the manager of a branch that B of A is the last of the big banks to adopt this. They claimed that notices were sent out with the statements. When I told them, I don't get paper statements, I was told, I should have checked my statements on the web site.
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To the BOA CSR's who are posting here saying that people need to learn how to add and substract and don't spend what you don't have. Well, you are just the Devil's Advocate.

I had 3 accounts with BOA and all 3 were LINKED together to pull from if one got low. I even signed the form to establish this when I opened up the 2nd and 3rd account. I had the document in hand with all the other account documents. But when my primary checking got low and BOA assessed 4 different 35 NSF charges without pulling from the 2nd account like they were supposed to.

I spent hours on the phone, near heart attacks arguing with the bunch of devil's advocates only to get no where and hang up with my blood pressure over the moon. Each Rep said the same thing, THEY HAD NO COPY OF MY AUTHORIZATION on file and knowing I had opened these accounts in another state, they each told me I had to go back to the ORIGINAL LOCATION where I opened the accounts and present this document. B.S. I finally went to the Branch, They had the document, it had been submitted and they proved to me that it was set up from the beginning.

BOA had to reimburse me 12 NSF charges. But because the reps are taught to lie, manipulate, bully and make it impossible for the customer, I had to go over the river styx to prove what they already knew and was in the computer. So my advise to you REP"S posting here, defending BOA and further insulting people, go get a job where you don't have to work with people. One day, everything you have done to people will come back to you, every dime you took from them and every heartache you costs them I hope comes back on you times three.



Bank of America is unbelievable. They have already had a class action law suit regarding the NSF assessments to people's accounts because they would post by amount (Hightest to Lowest) rather than the date of transaction which caused everyone to rack up NSF on their accounts.

It apparently didn't teach them anything because they are still at it. They don't care. Those babbling, word *** idiots that are called CSR's ramble off every excuse possible why they won't refund the NSF even when it is blatenly obviously a irroneous charge. You can't get anywhere with them.

I thought it was me until I got the lawsuit papers then I found hundred's of frustrated customer's who go through exactly the same thing. I wish everyone would boycott BOA.

They have NO business, personal or moral ethics. If you have an account with BOA and are not a millionaire, you will understand why everyone is complaining about their NSF fee practices.


Thomas Jefferson said in 1802:

'I believe that

banking institutions are more dangerous to

our liberties than standing armies.

If the American people ever allow

private banks to control the issue of their

currency, first by inflation, then by

deflation, the banks and corporations that will

grow up around the banks will deprive the people

of all property - until their children

wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers



If people would use the "old "school check register banks give you, there would never be a problem. And here is a news flash, make your deposit THEN write your checks and use your debit card.

Its amazing how I have never had an NSF and I've had a bank account for 17 years!! Its not the banks fault you are idiots.


Why bother, We are all insignificant. A nat to them.

You will never win, ever. Just stop using banks!


Last year I was laid off and short on rent payment. I knew this would cost me $35 in overdraft fees but it ended up costing HUNDREDS because BOA moved several items that had ALREADY CLEARED in front of the rent check to make hundreds in overdraft fees! I called and was treated like s--- BOA is totally unethical and shouldn't get away with the things they do!!!!


Thank you for continuing to ***... your *** mistake just paid me for the week.

Learn to add and subtract from your children. They probably do it better than you.


I agree with most of you. BofA puts the higher amounts thru first so when you get to the smaller amounts they can charge you $35 for a $1 item.

Yeah we are responsible for our own accounts but come on.... BOFA CS REPs job is to make money for the bank....What better way than to take advantage of people who live paycheck to paycheck? Today was the first time I actually got charged a so called special handling fee for a pending item. That threw me for a loop.

I too had no idea. There is no way to know what item you're being charge for without calling the bank. At least when the items are in the red you know.

And don't you charge the same $35 fee even if you have overdraft protection BofA?

Not a happy customer. Ready to switch banks!!!!!!!


CS Rep, Your company is a big company but is because of all the od charges that you give and your fraud department sucks. Want to know why?

Because when I submitted a claim about an unauthorized transaction your bank took the longest to send me a letter about what the status was about the dispute. I will never do bussiness with your bank again. My dispute was denied because you people at the branches need more training and I had to go inside your location more than five times trying to fill out the right forms.

I have a company that it's growing and I don't need a bank like this taking money and not be there for me. YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT SUCK(need more trained people to answer the phones and give correct information) MR.X 210


Hey cs rep, I get my statements in the mail and so does my husband. Neither of us received these so called letters. And Bank of America changes their policies every day as it suits them.

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San Mateo, California
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Bank of America Lock in Agreement Scam

I applied for a no fee mortgage with Bank of America. At the time of application, I was told that 1. I had to lock in my rate in order to be eligible for the no fee mortgage and 2. that if the Fed lowered interest rates that I could call at any time and re-lock the rate. I just recently found out that the seller of the home I plan to purchase is not ready to close by the time my lock-in expires. I attempted to call my loan processor and he hasnt responded to any of my voice mail messages. I spoke to someone who claimed to be his supervisor but I found out later that this was not true. After my 5th phone call I asked to speak to his real supervisor who wasnt available for my call as well. Then I spoke to another person who informed me that with a no fee mortgage I am not eligble to re-lock my rate, I would have to wait 60 days and re-apply for the mortgage and I would have to pay extra points to extend my already high interest rate. Basically, I was lied to and taken advantage of. My phone calls have yet to be returned.
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1. Why did Countrywide change my 5.75% mortgage loan, I Locked-in at, to 6.25% right before signing escrow, without discussing it with me 72 hours prior as loan documents states must be done?

2. Why did Countrywide tell me I couldn’t afford the cheaper loan and that they thought they told us prior already, when I called during signing?

3. Why did Countrywide change my loan to one I doubted my wife and I could afford, when my family was going to have nowhere to live if we didn’t sign?

4. Why did Countrywide tell us their copy machine was broken when we signed our lock-in agreement?

5. Why didn’t Countrywide give us a copy of our Lock-in agreement document when we asked for it since the beginning of our mortgage?

6. Why did Countrywide sell our note to Bank of America that we did not want to do business with nor support, and not hand deliver the note?

7. Why are we forced to do business with Bank of America and forced to allow them to service our loan?

8. Why did Bank of America ignore us on 5 modification attempts to our previous lock-in agreement and only answered and told once that we didn’t qualify?

9. Why does Bank of America deny our QWR for all Loan, escrow, Lock-in agreement, and 6 modification attempts, documents?

10. Why does Bank of America Bank of America threaten to foreclose, selling our note, and actually put our loan into default with pre-foreclosure, still denying us our QWR?

11. Why is it legal for real estate companies and internet sites allowed to show our house available in pre-foreclosure, for 2/3 the cost I purchased it for, at a monthly mortgage half of what I am being forced to pay?

12. Why is it ok for Bank of America to foreclose on my mortgage when the amounts due are the same amounts our houses estimated worth has depreciated, due to Real Estate company’s, Countrywide’s and Bank of America’s practices of unequal, racial, judgmental, predatory lending for greed of money with house flipping and greed of money, no matter who it puts on the street and causes to be homeless?

13. Why is it ok for the home builder to tell us they’re not going to fix the cracks in our stucco unless they can fit a nickel inside it?

14. Why is it ok for banks to exercise their legal document rights, ignoring and denying the consumer their documented rights when the consumer cannot afford the greed of an attorney?

15. Why does everyone, banks, governments, other nations and countries think they can do what they do against Americans and God’s true Children everywhere, and get away with it, without judgment from God?

16. Why did the American Government bail out these banks with tax payers money, for doing these things to Christian Americans that choose to be the True Children of God?

Your Judgment is here, life of your own conscience knowledge, truth and action of un-repented sin of mortality and impurity expressed towards existence, reality and destiny, to have life upon and within yourself. They are your truths, beliefs and actions you decided to agree upon and express upon all things existing or going to, even yourself.


It's almost been 100 days since I locked in my refinance rate. I paid them 400 dollars for this.

If I delayed the loan like this, I'd have to pay a fee to relock the rate, however I get nothing as they delay the loan. I can't even get an estimate for when it will go through. I never even chose to work with BoA.

My loan was bought by CountryWide which was bought by BoA so now I'm stuck with them. Calls and emails are not returned except by the Sales rep who can't tell me anything about how much longer it will be.


I opened a checking & savings account 2 weeks ago. Deposited over $5,000 to open the account of my money. I received 2 transfers of funds from a company I do work for that also happens to have BofA. Those went through just fine. On the 3rd transfer, they suspected it was fraudulent and put a -$888,888.88 negative balance on my account and all my checks started bouncing like a blond's *** on baywatch. (lol).

So I call them and they tell me they suspected a fraudulent transfer?!? from a guy who logged into his account and entered specific pass phrases to get into his account and transferred the money. Meanwhile, he's done this 2 times before with HIGHER amounts with no problem.

So now, Bank of unAmerica has stolen all my money and held it hostage until this other guy calls them and clears this up.

I thought we have rights in the country. The right to bend over.


Worked for b of a for 8 months before i decided i couldn't stand their lack of knowledge and downright incompetence. They hire anyone and everyone and believe me that the people in those branches selling you these loans have no effin clue what they are selling themselves.

They ARE reading from scripts and give you all the wrong info. managers, asst managers, personal bankers, etc...

ALL do not have the proper training to be giving you info on the biggest loan you'll ever take out! Stay away!


AHHH--- others who had the same wonderful (if you enjoy stress, headaches, making 20 unanswered phone calls a day, running around like a nut, and basically doing EVERYTHING yourself) experience I had. I basically took on a 2nd job as a loan processor…I used the "convenient" online banking system for the No fee mortgage plus worries my a$$!!!!!

On time guarantee- HA! Read the fine print. My loan processor didn't call me for 3 weeks (I called her 2x or more a day from day 1) and had most of the info incorrect. She called me 3 days before the original closing date to START going over the loan details...She was as cold as ice and sounded like she was reading a script and answering my questions from some book, sometimes the answers didn't really even match what I asked.

I had to move the closing 3 times until I told them if we don't close I am losing this home and I will have my lawyer contact them now for compensation. Let me ask you if my rate expired on 3/15/08 why the *** would I want to close on 4/1/08??? That was just the beginning. She lied about making calls, getting in touch with insurance companies, association questionnaires, legal docs- I had to get all of that information.

She then without my consent extended my rate @ MY cost!! Yeah, that DID NOT fly with me, I had her boss reverse that after I explain how completely incompetent she is. I had to call her boss' boss' boss before anything was done correctly. The loan processor was a complete *** who didn't even know who I was after about 100 phone calls from my lawyer and me, (and the local branch office VP).

I could keep going with all the details about how they screwed this loan up, but I'd be here for days and I'm sure there is some kind of word limit here. Needless to say, if you stick with them for a mortgage, don’t give up and keep getting the boss' boss' boss. And if you aren't getting what you need get their boss. Call, email, do what you need to do.

And don't let them pull that fee for an extension ***; they will reverse that if you tell them how *** their employees are and how they can’t get anything correct. They lie, never call back, don't keep you in the loop, it's horrible. I am a great customer with them, I have 2 credit cards, a loan, had a mortgage with them a few years ago-(that one went smoothly), an IRA, money market account, savings, checking...never had a bounced check or late payment...and this is how they treat a Premier account holder. I wrote a letter to the CEO, cc'd several execs and told them this story.

I don't expect anything, but I can tell you the next time I need to get a mortgage I'm not going with BoA!

And I’m seriously considering transferring all of my accounts to other banks. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!


LOL...I just ditched B of A today because they did the SAME thing to me. I had a 90 day escrow and locked in my rate.

*** me, I found out that the max number of days they can lock was 45 days. I complained and they PROMISED (lady in the local branch) that I can relock with no fee. When my rate expired, the *** processor re-locked my rate without calling me and charged me a 0.25 points fee (I hope he will die soon). I called him and scold at his ***...his *** couldn't say a word.

What a bunch of lies!!! Home buyers beware!!!

If I'm going to spend that much money, I'll go to a lender who truly deserves it. AVOID BANK OF AMERICA AT ALL COSTS!!!

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Elizabeth, New Jersey
Bank Of America Mortgage
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Bank Of America-IM The Victim

I was scammed with a check from someone, i deposited my check in the bank(BANK OF AMERICA) and they said the check was no good so they completley closed my account. I was told that i could no longer bank with Bank Of America. They treated me like i was the criminal. I was told that i was lucky legal matters werent inforced. They did not even provide me with details. The customer service representative was so rude to me. She wouldnt even talk to me with common courtesy. All i wanted was some answers. I am very embarraded for them.
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:upset I know


Educate your consumer. Just don't further victimize them.


Where did you get the scam check from? Always remember if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

Never deposit anything into your account without being possitive it legit, checks are legal documents and banks are federally funded, what did you think would happen? :eek

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Be Aware! Band of America's New NSF Fees; Procedure

***Bank of America's New 03/01/08 Posting Procedure: I've just learned that BofA is now charging NSF fees for "paying" for unposted/pending transactions to your account eventhough you will make a deposit at the end of the day that very same day. So for have $100 in the bank decide to make a purchase for $101 (knowing you'll make a deposit tonight-which WILL post at midnight) we....dear BofA will charge you $35 for covering that $1 eventhough you made a deposit and EVENTHOUGH the purchase transaction WILL NOT POST FOR ANOTHER TWO DAYS!!!...that is OUTRAGEOUS...I have now been charged over $100 in NSF fees for three small transactions I made just MINUTEs before making a deposit....I think I'll take my business somewhere else!!!
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Lets try something new. Its called holding yourself responsible to whats in your account, knowing what will be coming out and when.

I do not mean just swiping away until it gets declined... If you cant pay attention to your account, no-one will.

And get it straight: pending transactions immediately reflect in your balance with the exception of pinless gas purchases and tips on your card. If anything posts against a negative balance, expect more fees, not fewer.

And understand this...

YOU *** up. Noone else.


For customer service guy

I am glad you are frustrated, hope you are going to be even more.I would be sad to work for a company the scam peoples.......




Bank of America tore my anus, they tore it real good, sure, it felt good while it was happening, but when BOFA was done, I was bleeding and sore and it really hurt to ***.. Bank of America then proceeded to take $600 out of my account and slap my face with their oversized private part.

Then they made me lick it clean..

I cried.. I'm still traumatized to this day!


I used to have an account with BofA and then with Citibank. Didn't like any of them so i joined a credit union (arrowhead cu).

they're truly the best. You cannot go in overdraft with them. If you have $50 in your checking and you want to buy something for $51, your card will be declined. Love that!

I've been with them for the past 5 years and never had a problem.

Plus, all transactions are instant, you don't have to wait 2-3 days to clear. If you buy something at a store you can go online within 5-10 mins and it shows the transactions!!!!Best bank so far for me!


Bank of america does NOT process like all the other banks. This was an insta change to all of their customers accounts and the customers they had understood their overdraft plan, but all of a sudden, it changed overnight.

This was a scam from BofA against it's customers. There was a wide known fact that banks have 'Check Cards'.

Checks don't post for days, this is no longer called a check card, it should be called an insta debit. It does not even sound remotely sensible to charge someone that amount of money for an item that HASN'T EVEN HIT THEIR BANK ACCOUNT.


I've noticed the same thing. I used to be able to make purchases thru credit on my check card a day or so before my direct deposit went in and since it took 2 days for the items to get processed I was in the clear.

Now they go by the date you made the transaction. The funny thing is, my account was never actually in the red because they still counted my deposit before the purchase so how was my account overdraft if it never dropped below $0.00??? I have also noticed for a long time that if you use their site to figure out your balance they are trying to trip you up. Items being processed from pending to posted will disappear for a whole day and the amount will be as if you had never made a purchase.

My register was $48 one day and the amount shown on the BofA site was also $48. Next day bank says I have $190 or there about. This is because the transactions that made up the difference was being processed as not shown. I have just renewed my habit of making sure I go strictly by my own register and ignore what the bank site says.

Also I have such little trust that I also will no longer enter a pending deposit into my register until after it has finished completely posting. People need to realize that banks are the enemy.

They will do anything and everything they can within the bounds of the law (hopefully only that far) to take your money and anything else of value you have. If they can get you in debt the rest of your life, well I am sure this would please them as well.


Banks. Well they are there to generate money you know.

They want to get as much of your money as they can. The bank manager is also rated on the number of nsf charges so as you might imagine this might make it hard for them to resist. The only way to have a good experience with any bank is to make sure to use as few of there services as possible and to make sure you have your own overdraft in place. That is always having at least a paycheck worth of money sitting to save you from there ***.

Bank cd's, insurance, or even mutual fund investments are also all highway robbery. Watch out it is going to get worse and as usual you will find out after the big charges are put onto your account. The banks have no problem telling you that they will charge you and yes it is fair because you signed there agreement. The fact is society has been pushed to use banks and there services or you are punished with many inconveniences.

Unless you are on the track to run your life on a cash cycle vs the debt cycle they push you into you will always be one paycheck from them ripping you off. So if you must use a bank and have the convenience make sure you have at least a paycheck worth of income sitting in your bank.


I can tell you that every bank processes transactions in a very similar fashion. So even if you do close out your account and go to another bank, you will still run into the same problem.

Read over your bank services agreement carefully to see EXACTLY how your transactions are precessed.

I would also recommend getting some sort of overdraft protection on your account. Attach a savings account or line of credit to your checking account so you dont have to worry about tiny overages as much.


This "Bank Natzi" obviously works for them,

I'm experiencing the same *** as I type this response!!

"1. Written by Customer service guy, on 26-04-2008 12:06

sounds like you abviously don't know how to budget your money. BofA new processing system for debit card transactions are the same as any other bank these days. No longer are you able to play your account short and close by expecting to make a deposit ontop of a negative balace that is pending. This type of change is what customers REQUESTED for a number of years for BofA to do, and enough voices were heard in HQ to change it BACK to this type of processing. Bottom line, keep some form of register of your transactions, write your stuff down, if you know you don't have enough money, don't attempt to make the purchase or you'll suffer the snowball effect of overdraft fees. Thats my only advice to EVERYONE that reads this post. To be honest with you, i'm tired of taking VERBAL ABUSE everyday, and so does all my fellow associates. We become frustrated because people fail to listen to anything. And people wonder why BofA have such "horrible" customer serivce."

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Bank Of America Customer Service Sucks....

The BOA Customer Service is the worst Customer Service i've ever experienced. The manager of the 1.800.432.1000 area really sucks... I have 2 accounts with BOA. My friend has deposited into one account and the amount showed up into other account. I withdrew from the former account where I dont have sufficient funds as the money went into different account. I got an Overdraft fee charged to my account. This is purely the BOA associates mistake and when i questioned about the deposit of money into other account, they have no answer. I called the customer service about 3 times and i even contacted the manager. He doesn't agree that its their mistake. I proved him by giving details of the receipt my friend got when he deposited into my account. If anyone experience such problems with BOA....raise your voice and lets tell others about how worst is BOA customer service.
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I have been having problems with my account since I've opened it. I'm not going to go into too much detail, but I ended up emailing BOA through there online customer service.

After 9TRYS the issue was still not resolved. I closed my account and will never say a good thing about them to anyone.

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Rude BoA Customer Service & outrageous overdraft fees.

I put in a wire transfer from my PayPal online account to my Bank of America checking account. PayPal's policy is to give 3-4 business days to insure that the money has transferred to the bank account. The transfer was initiated on March 2, 2008. On March 4, 2008 at 20:29:01 PST PayPal stated the status was Completed. I wrote a check to my child's school for a book order. The BoA didn't put a hit back to PayPal until 3/7/08 and the check caused a $35 overdraft fee that BoA refuses to refund BACK to my account.
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It is a money making scheme and you are all taking it. The masses are a bunch of whinney *** and deserve everything they get because they wont do anything about it except complain. The banks own all of you, the sooner you realize that, the sooner you can get a 3rd job to pay for your overdraft fees.


I agree we SHOULD be responsible for checking our own balances. but as she said checking them online and via the automated system to VERIFY is NOT reliable either.

WHY offer something that isn't reliable???

what does it is a "tool" mean??? if you are going to offer a service it should be CORRECT


The ISSUE is NOT that I can't keep track of my own bank account. The transfer was put in on March 2, it does NOT take almost 7 days for a transfer to go through.

I did however contact PayPal customer service and they stated that BoA accepted the transfer on March 4 but BoA did NOT show that the money was there until March 7, a 3 day difference with no explanation why. If the account goes into overdraft and I know about it then I say nothing. This time it was NOT my fault.

As far as treating others as I would like to be treated, I DO.

This customer service rep was rude, yelling at me, and talking to me as though I was *** when I WAS BEING CALM AND POLITE. Maybe you all that are defending BoA are satisfied with them and haven't ran into the same problems, give it time, you will.


I recently had a problem with BoA in that they charge to my account largest to the smallest checks resulting in 5 over drafts @ $35.00 = $175.00 if they reversed charging smallest to the largest it would have been only 1 . The reason that BofA will do is they want to make sure that your mortgage or loan or some other payment is covered its suppose to save your credit not so because other places that receive your check back will charge their fee & it will turn it over to collection and it will go against you as well so who are they kidding? This a profit game for them.


What's shady is how they change the rules. For so long they would apply credits and then debits.

Now it seems they have decided to apply debits first and credits last. So this way they can maximize their chances of hitting people with overdraft fees. That's just unethicial as far as I'm concerned. People work hard for their money.

To have to pay $35 a pop of their hard earned money so the bank can maximize their profits is shady. Karma is *** and it'll be back around in a bad way for the money grubbers at bofa.


I bank with BOFA, and constantly make phone calls to the bank's automated service AND have online banking, which are completely unreliable. My husband and I just recently where charged with $350.00 worth of overdraft fees!

All because of the innacuracy of these services. I will definetly start keeping my own record of our purchases, which is probably what I should have done in the first place, but why do they offer services that are only meant to confuse you and ultimately *** over?

I asked the very rude rep. Whats the point of having online banking if I cant trust it?! "Its just a tool" she said.

A usless tool! I HATE BOFA!! ALOT of people I know particularly have had major issues with them.

There is no beating them EVER! Its always YOUR fault, and its impossible to ever get any overdraft fees, (YOUR MONEY) back.


i had a problem with them taking forever to take money out too and i contacted them and they did refund my overdraft fees. but i was reading online somewhere and they are the worst in customer service. like number one in being *** bags


I just wanted express my personal opinion to everyone on this particular bank. I feel that it's one of the worst banks you could possibly do business with. I've been a customer with them for 5 years, and they recently charged me over $700 in overdraft fees in one day. Apparently I had "pending" transactions that went though which over-drafted my account. On the day this happened, I was using my debit card all day in the subway ($2 a pop) with no knowledge I was over-drafted, and they were letting the transactions go through. They charged ($35) every time I used the card, which at the end of the day, for about 40$ in transactions, they charged me over $700 in overdraft fees. Now, mind you, I had plenty of money in my savings account and credit card to cover the overdrafts, but they made no effort to cover me, or alert me that I was over-drafting. When I called to ask about at least getting some of it refunded, they treated me like *** and said there was nothing they could do. Now, $700 isn't a crazy amount of money, but the fact of the matter is, they're scam artists. What other company do you know of that is allowed to charge roughly 170.5% interest on borrowing money ($700 they charged % $40 I borrowed.) There are laws against this kind of thing, but apparently there is no law governing how much a bank can charge in overdraft fees. This is like someone coming up behind you and jacking your wallet, except since you have your money in their hands already, it makes it that much easier. I feel as though there should be more laws written on banking practices. I take the blame for not balancing my checkbook as well as I should have, but I'm outraged at the penalties banks charge people for this, it's a legal form of robbery.

It seems all I can do now is spread the word, do yourself a favor, DO NOT BANK WITH THIS COMPANY! PEACE!



The ISSUE is that you are yet another person who can't keep track of their own funds. So you took PayPal's word for it that the money was in your acct.

Can they look into your bank acct? No. Neither can you apparently, because it would have taken 10 seconds to check your balance and see that funds weren't available.

BOA doesn't control PayPal, they just put money in your acct as it comes in. Stop blaming everyone but yourself, suck it up, and learn from it.


The issue is that it should only take 3-4 business days for the transfer to complete. They are intentionally slow with deposits and quick on debits which causes people to overdraft.

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A certain Grace Campoare saying she can tranfer fund worth of 10.5millionUSD own by late Ron Morris

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