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Bank of America in Chandler Arizona - Complaint

Bank of America in S. Chandler Arizona - Putting holds on all check deposits - Chandler,AZ - Very unhappy customer and will be switching banks - Ever check we deposit we are getting some sort of hold put on it. Is anyone else having this problem with Bank of America ???????? We have also had all sorts of fee's and other problems ( Chandler,AZ 85286 ) S. ALMA SCHOOL LOCATION - I bet there are many other customers that are not to happy with all the fee's and holds put on checks - Not happy with this bank fee's - charges - holds - ect............ AZ,ARIZONA
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Scottsdale, Arizona

Bank of America: bad customers service

It was not a first time within 2008 year I went to same office to get services. Each time waiting time for financial service person stretches longer and longer, even you call them ahead. They never consider your work leave as their responsibility. They never suggest for how long your waiting time would be. Today my waiting time was 1,5 hrs. before I got to a bank clerk just to switch my CD to next period. I had it enough, will never return back. Also, they have other problems in their system which lowers customer interests and profits Bank. To fix them, you physically have to go to the office and here it is again...waiting, waiting, for their system mistakes. Do not recommend working people to have business with Bank of America!
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College Station, Texas
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Bank of America credit card - prefentive actions

Resently my credit card was temporarily blocked because of some unusual transactions. First, I do appreciate such preventive actions. I try to protect my finances, mainly by regulary checking my account action (online) and by not entering my personal and account information on websites. As suggested by many, including BoA. So what does BoA do when they suspect something is wrong. They BLOCK me from checking my account ONLINE!!! Leaving me guessing what's wrong. BoA adds a little note direction me to some website which requires me to enter my Account information and Personal information... which is a big NO-NO!!! And there's a phone number which connect to some general company called 'cardservices' or so. They also want sensitive information from me. NO! Of course I skipped those and called the number on my credit card itself and resolved it like that. Pretty *** that BoA want's me to do exactly that what you shouldn't do if you want to protect your finances !!!!
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North Hollywood, California
Bank Of America Checking Account
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ATM never gave me my money

well i went to take $20 from my account and the atm never gave me the money. So I went inside the bank to tell them and they say that the money never was never out of my account. Well they did lost more than 1 hour inside the bank. I went to talk to the manager and after my insistence she finally saw my papers that my $ 20 were deducted. she told me she'll fix it but only took her 2 days to do it. In the mean time the computer charge 2 time $35 for overdraft because of the twenty dollars i never took. We'll i am really *** and I do not want to go a lose one day of work for all this *** mess that the bank of america did. Now i am over draft $47 because they took my $20 the manager put in my account.
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Perhaps you should take a day off of work to attend a grammar and proofreading seminar. It shouldn't cost more than 20 dollars. :grin

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Kissimmee, Florida
Bank Of America Manager
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Bank of America The nightmare called Customer Support

Bank of America has absolutely no shame. Seems they have removed all power from your friendly branch office and given it to the most incompetent group of immature idiots I have ever run across. Some of their little tricks is to freeze your account under the guise that you have suspecious transactions. They will automatically freeze your account if you have over ten transactions in one day. Imagine beith out for dinner with your boss. You offer to pick up the tab, but you can't. One of the idiots has decided to freeze your account. So you call in to their crack customer support area where you will be abused, laughed at becauzse you are stuck at a restaurent with a frozen credit card or even better, left on hold for over 1/2 hour. What a prize this Bank is to America.
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Angela, you get respect when you give respect.

If B of A got rid of the bad ones who would answer the phones?

Stop whining and do your job


I changed to Commerce Bank and they are fantastic.

Sounds like this little customer support rep is exactly what you normally get with B of A.

Why are people screaming at you? Maybe it's because you are unqualified to be in that position and you just frustrate the *** out of everyone Do your job in a professional manner and nobody will yell at you.


well I work at customer service, and let me tell you I do my best to keep calm. When people abuse you on the phone constantly and call you names you haven't even heard of, it gets a little ridiculous.

I would suggest you, as "the great americans" that you, all are start treating people with a little bit of respect. They have a job to do first and foremost. Maybe the bank would just get rid of us.

How would you like to go to the branch everytime you want to know your balance? So, respect other people as you would expect people to respect you.


hahaha.... sounds like you're the one doped out on the pipe.


last i checked, you can make MORE than 10 transactions with your debit card in one day...BUT if things start to become suspicious from your usual spending habit or it appears that your card information is being used in multiple locations for gas in one day our fraud protection department will place a temporary block on your card. Before we do that, we do attempt to contact you to VERIFY the transactions and if we can not reach you, then the block is placed and you end up calling us to see why your card is not working. Be thankful that BOA has that type of protection of unauthorized theft, cause if we did't, and your card was stolen or you lost it and it was being used fraudulently, then you would come kicking and screaming as to why we didn't stop the transactions.

Customer service is not a nightmare..... you just don't know how to listen as to what we're saying to you and comprehend it.

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Willingboro, New Jersey
Bank Of America Credit Card

Bank of America Mortage ripoff

There should be a law against loan officers having a cell phone or recording device in use when a loan officer is taking persoonel info like ssn, dob, address, ect. I gave my info to a guy in California. He had a lot of static on his end so I asked what was going on. He slipped and told me his cell phone was close to his head set. I asked if he was recording my private info and he did not answer me. The static stopped. The next day another loan officer called asking for additional info. I told her I had given all of this info to John.She said she had NO info for me. I told her what happened and asked if there was a way to check to see if he had stolen my identity for his own use. She deflected the question and told me my mortage was declined.What is this all about??????? Now I am worried and do not know who to call to see where my info is???? Also the mortage was suppose to no application fee, no closing costs and he told me that just meant the fees was rolled into the mortage amount. That would mean that I would pay interest on those fees for 30 years. WOW what a ripoff. Deception seems to be the key here. I really am scared that one day this John will become me or one of his 6 sisters.
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Tampa, Florida
Bank Of America Loan
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Bank of America OD Fees-Usury!

Im with Tracy. Ive just been arguing with B of A over 8 OD fees that were generated by bank manipulation of payments. It started with an overdraft of a couple of dollars (which could have been covered from savings) and the subsequent OD fee reduced each deposit/transfer. While I thought I was on top of things, I was really backwards in the account. In talks with the bank I have recovered 3 OD fees but will go to Small Claims if I have to for the other 5. If someone is serious about a class action, I'm prepared to act as well. Talk is cheap-lets get this show on the road. ECF Ontario CA
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Ok, Old Banker, can you tell me why when I did actually have 3 overdrafts, I was charged a 4th fee in error, which caused a fifth fee that should have never happened, and I was told there was nothing they could do about it at BOA?? This has happened a few times.

And why is it when I deposit cash on a weekday it clears overnight, but when I deposit cash on a Friday morning it doesn't clear until Tuesday?

I know why!! More fees for BOA!!!


Hey 'beenthere' I dont think a new bank is going to make much difference as they all seem to have the same charges. An approach my wife suggested just makes so much sense, I was amazed at how the banks had cuddled me into thinking debit cards were the only way to go.

Hows this for an answer? Instead of using your debit card for all purchases..use cash. Take out whatever you thin you need for the week in cash (using your card of course) and give merchants cash!!. Then you wont have overdraft fees and you wont have to mark things down in your register (as if we ever did).

That way merchants (espically those who charge you a convenience fee) will have to handle cash, banks will have to count cash and you and I will not have to worry about overdraft fees!! I cant beleive how simple this is..if we all do this, banks may have just killed the goose that laid the golden egg.

Who decided we all have to use debit cards anyway? Im going back to cash.


I have an overdraft fee posted to my account in JUNE but there was NO OVERDRAFT??? they can't tell me WHY they charged me for it (at one point they told me they charge me for a fee IF a merchant INQUIRES if there is funds NOT if they POST a transaction ??

I made a deposit one day, happened to be same DAY that a merchant supposidly INQUIRED they didn't POST the transaction for TWO more days the MONEY was in the bank when they posted yet I was charged for a overdraft??? I have also been charged for an overdraft when a merchant NEVER posted a transaction because I NEVER purchased anything they just INQUIRED. (i.e. a "free trial" won't bill you for 90 days yet they submitted and inquiry.

I never purchased anything EVER from that merchant yet STILL got an OVERDRAFT fee!!!) I swear B.O.A. must give BONUS's for whoever gets the most fees charged. ALSO they are VERY inconsistant with WHAT amount they are going to charge I have been charged the $10 overdraft protection fee.

(even if it was overdraft of $20 and I only had $18 in savings, and on the flip I had been charged $35 overdraft when I had a $20 charge, $10 in checking and $10 in savings (so I HAD the $$ just hadn't transferred it over yet) AND on top of that all of a sudden I am NOW getting $3 fee for too many (only two!!) transactions in my SAVINGS ACCOUNT?? yet if I DIDN'T transfer it then I would have had whichever they felt that day the $10 or $35 I HATE bank of america am currently looking for a replacement bank that is convenient to my location)


Its heartening to see the banks have the mailroom staff check out sites like this and post the stock bank answers to complaints between photocopying and collating. But Im sure it wont be long before the Customer Service bot will be able to take over for them. :grin


I can appreciate the complaints of most people when banks post from highest to lowest charges...if you will get hit with more fees because of that...but are banks also in the business to make money? Fee income is important, and think about much time did you waste of the person you complained to about your fees (and be real, you would complain if it was one or twenty) and the work that goes into processing and maintaining your account...etc.....also, you know how much is in your account, and if not...shame on you. Keep it in writing...note all deductions from your account, if you do this, and only spend what is available, I am sure you would not see another fee.


same story...different day. Idiots and their overdraft fees :eek

I agree with you Old Banker, these people need to stop whining about posting of items highest to smallest and OD fees. maybe if they'd read the information that was given to them when they opened their account about OD fees, processing of items, deposit cut off times, deposit holds, AND using a check register, maybe so many wouldn't be so pissed off.

just a side note: have you ever had a customer wonder why the bank wasn't allowing them to overdraft their account further when their account was already negative....and they knew of the OD fee consequences? I had 2 calls like that the other day... some people are just idiots! :upset


Still contempt to whining! As far as overdrafts related to BOA debit transactions you are on point.

The statement does not reflect negative activity but customers are charge multiple overdrafts which are very expensive and abusive.

The explanation by BOA customer service is confusing as the charges, however the banking centers can show the cause of the fee which is very petty due to the fact unlike a check there’s no cost to the bank for the overdraft. In this case you should make a call beyond the center to obtain the refund since your statement is a legal document (wink!).


The problem with OD is that if you use your debit card it will clear anything and then it shows up as a OD even if the money was there because it was not there when is was supposed to be there even though it was there. Old baker if that makes sense to you you must work for BOA


Ahh.... Senile Banker has this same blurb under any bank complaint here.

Its good to see hes earning his keep! :grin


Im not sure why youre here commenting. If youre happy with your employer-thats great!

Find a site that allows you to expand on the wonders of banks and banking. Most of us can see its quite the ripoff but since youre paid to do a banking job, you have a bias.

Makes me believe that banks do come this site to review comments!! :( 8)

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Los Angeles, California
Bank Of America Account

What credit card?

I got a letter re Privacy Notice. Card # 9235. I don't have a card with that number. I can't call you. Your instructions are to call # on back of card. I don't have a card - so can't do that. If I don't have a card with that #, how do you have my name and address. If I ever had one, it has long since been cancelled. I have terminated all association with BOA. They pissed me off once too often. Blah, blah blah blah and a few blahs until I get to 100. BlaH, BLAH.
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The banks never communicate with the entire account number; they only use the last four digits.


Are you sure #9235 was referring to the card? Most cards have really long numbers, like 12 or 18.

No card would have just four numbers.

That sounds like they sent you the standard Privacy Notice booklet / pamphlet / whatever.

Or maybe it wasn't from BOA (is that Bank of America? You never said what the company was), and it was just some junk mail made to look important.

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Savannah, Georgia
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Bank of America/ Capitol One

I have had a garnishment issued against my bank account Bank of America from Capital One and when you call Bank of America to try to find anything out they don't connect you to there levy department, Bank of America transfers you to the person that issued the garnishment so I wanted to give everyone the SECRET NUMBER TO BANK OF AMERICA'S LEVY DEPARTMENT so that maybe you want have to go throught the *** I have and that number is 954-473-**** this is where you can find out what is going on open's at 10:00AM
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For those on the west coast. Their phone number for the Los Angeles Levies & Attachments office is 800-283-**** or 213-580-****.

I tried to call them via the customer service main number and they refused to give me a number or let me talk with them. He said they don't take incoming calls... wrong. I finally got someone at the subpeona office to give me the 213 number.

And I got the 800 number on a letter I received. Both numbers seem to work. Good Luck!

The IRS supposedly faxed my "release" paperwork 3 times and B of A still has not received it. :-(


New number for BOA legal department -



Thanks for the number. I had it when they actually had the right to put a levy on my account but lost it.

This time around they made a mistake by processing a duplicate levy and is acting like it's not their responsibility to investigate if they've actually made a mistake. I'm actually a pretty good consumer that's has fallen on hard times so while I didn't fuss about the first levy even though it stopped me from being able to provide for my family, I'm definitely fussing about this one (mainly because of the horrible customer service).


why not just shoot the sob, that would solve the issue


:upset yup, VA bens are exempt from garnishment. I thought but those sneeky racals will take your dead great-great-great-great granpa's benefits.




I believe this is a scam by BofA to recoup profits being made by other fees they can no longer charge. $100 to reply to a form???

Seriously?! It has nothing to do with paying your bills nor being a dead beat like the BofA representatives posted here; it is all to do with big business continuing to rack in billion dollar profits. Please join the 'BofA Levy Fee Standupprotest' facebook page.

Additional info can be found there. :(


THank you :)


I pay my bills you can't help when banks lie, and steal...I bet you wouldn't say that if you wasn't hiding behind your computer...



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Matthews, North Carolina
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NSF Fees

On August 14, 2008, a deposit was made to my Bank of America account by a Bank of America customer in Maryland. On August 14th, the funds showed available both by phone and internet. I made purchases from those available cash funds and on 8/15/08, I received 3 insufficient fund fees because they showed the deposit being made on 8/15/08. When I contacted a representative and her manager, they both tried to explain the logic, but was very assured that no one would refund my fees. I feel like they've stolen money from my account.
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The best thing for you to do is go to a credit union. Good Luck!


its the worst bank in the whole wide USA. i called complaining they said "well u cant do nothing about it except go to another bank.

Its your fault". Tried to get to supervisor but not available. My salary went in but was in "pending" mode, but they were still took 5 NSF fees from my account.

Its not that it was a new check - its the same salary check for the past 6 months! Freaken ridiculous!


I understand your complaints! Do your banking with a Credit Union.

If enough people do this it would put them out of business. They have the WORST customer service ever!


I just went through this. What I hate is that they take it upon themselves to automatically sort debits by largest amount first.

This assures the bank a higher chance of NSF funds. Even though they say it's only "their policy", you have no recourse...

except to go to another bank. That's what I'm doing.


sounds like to me that you made your deposit after the cutoff time at that banking center. As long as you have your receipt (which clearly shows the time of the deposit) we would correct any form of bank error.

Banking centers cutoff time for MD, VA & DC is 5pm Mon-Thur and 6pm on Friday's.

Same goes if you deposit CASH. it will not get processed until next business day IF done after the cutoff time the state of your deposit.


I have had that happen to me in the past and luckily I was able to get the fees reversed. I try my hardest to make sure I keep receipts of all transactions and when I check my account statement online. Also, I print out my online statements showing my deposits and withdrawals which comes in handy when they decided to change the date of transaction listed against you.

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Phoenix, Arizona
Bank Of America Checking Account
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Bank of America Shopsafe Not Safe

Update by user Nov 28, 2011

Since it\'s a been few years, I\'ll offer up an update on my continued experience with Shopsafe. If I give the number to a well established online business and know that I won\'t be using the virtual card again, I immediately close the number to and if it\'s been...

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Anyone, your temporary number will be treated no different than the real number except when you cancel the number. For example, I like to use temporary numbers to prevent automatic renewals and if the temporary number is cancelled, future charge won't go through and they'll be no problem.

Unfortunately from experience, if the number is not cancelled and the number is stolen and gets used, the charge won't likely go through (either for going above the credit limit you assigned or expiration date) but it will be treated as a fraud incident and your real card will get reissued. This is I know from experience and why I complained about it.

So if you do use Shopsafe, make sure you cancel the temporary number() after use; very easy to do using the web app.

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Herndon, Virginia
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Bank of A-rip-off

I initially had great service with this bank and referred friends and small businesses. I am sorry to say say I regret that. This new system is awful. Everything including cash is pending and nothing can be done about it. I view my account on-line daily and this is how I make purchases only to find the balances to be incorrect and not real time. The customer service is terrible and are not able to help with anything and just keep apologizing for their lack of resolving an issue. They recently took over LaSalle Bank (ABN AMRO) and put up the signs stating this was the official Bank of America. I began making deposits there only to find they are not the same and all deposits take 24-48 hours causing overdraft fees and of course...there was nothing they could do. I will never recommend them to anyone. As a matter of fact there is a lower end bank with three letters that is a nightmare and I would send prople there first before B of A. Rest in Peace to a former great bank... Hostile B of A customer!
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I have created a shop safe 100$ valid for 2 months and the card was billed online instantly for 105.71 $.How is it possible for the payment to get through when my shop safe card had a 100$ limit . Further is the shop safe number really safe other than not revealing the original credit card number and are the features really workingI used citi virtual numbers they work perfectly decline the transaction when they are supposed to and citi does not call you to check if the transaction is legitymuralikrishna@***.com

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Overland Park, Kansas
Bank Of America Banking Service
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Over draft charges ontop of over draft charges?

I was charged 8 over draft fees in one week. when i went in to bank of America to talk with someone they didn't want to help me but, told me to call customer service. when i called them they found a problem that they made. then told me that they did not know how to fix it and i need to cover the charges. why? my money was in there before the 8 charges. I want out of this bank, I cant live with some one taking my money without me using it fist. i am very pissed
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This happened to be too. My online banking posts where all switched around to justify why they charged me 5 NSFs.

I withdrew 900 bucks from my account but they moved my transactions around making it look like I had only 880 in there at the time of the withdrawl.

If i had only 880 wouldnt the teller tell me i didnt have 900 to withdraw and it showed that a taco bell purchase that happened 4 weeks prior posted at the sametime. looks like even these banks are hurting for money.


Wow! I was just charged 3 NSF fees and my account didn't even go negative.

I was told it was because I made a transfer between BoA accounts. Then they changed their story about the times of my deposits despite the paperwork I had in my hand.

I've been a customer of BoA for 15 years, tomorrow I will find a new bank. I can't put my money some place I no longer have faith in - I'll also file complaints with everyplace I possibly can.

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Auburn, Washington

B of A customer service = nonexistent

My credit card (MBNA visa) was sold to B of A a few months ago. Checking my APR recently, I saw that it was 16.74%. I have platinum credit and the highest possible rating, so I wrote their customer service deptartment to ask about obtaining a lower rate. I received a form letter stating that they "consider many factors when determining the APR." Superficial and condescending, it didn't even answer my question. I wrote back and told them they could close my account, which they did within two hours. (Yep, customer service was all over that one!) Fortunately that was more than enough time for me to secure a Capital One visa at a 7.99% APR and transfer my existing balance. Just a shame that with so many folks out there with bad credit B of A seems to have no willingness to hang onto their highly ranked customers.
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Washington, District Of Columbia
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The Bank Of America????????

Back in June I had the mis fortune of losing my debit card. I did not realize it until I went to check my emails and was advised that my card was suspended due to mis use. Needless to say my card was used. I filed the complaint as they stated. I called in to check on the status of the paperwork a few days later and was advised that the claim was still being processed and that it would be a little while before I would receive it. I continued to follow up via email as well as on the phone and not one time did I get this paperwork. Finally I got in touch with the department that told me that the temporary credit that they initially gave me was reveresed because I did not submit the paperwork. I said what paperwork? They faxed it to me I completed it and returned it immediately. I was advised that the representative would submit the request for me to get the temporary credit back as I had my mortgage payments were due. The rep told me that it would take a couple of days but that it could happen at any time. Needless to say I was down to my last $00.5 and still no credit. I then had the misfortune of speaking to one of those reps that feels as if they are working for the president that all but broke it down to me in such a way that I was left feeling less than because of the situation. I then found out that my claim was denied based off of the fact that the person that used the card put the pin number in correctly the first time. When I called to file the claim the rep that took the claim told me that they blocked the card because there were numerous attempts on the card with the incorrect number. When I called back and spoke with a supervisor on August the 1st, I spoke with a supervisor who advised me of the same thing. He said that he wasn't sure why the claim was denied and that he was going to submit a request for reconsideration. I called in on August the 5th to be advised that that request was denied again on August the 1st. How could that be? That means that there was no real reconsideration given. The "stupervisor" that I spoke to on the 5th stated that the reason why it was denied was because I made a purchase prior to losing the card and they stated that I should have included that purchase in the claim....Huh????? That would not be truthful. I made the purchase. The Bottom line is they are trying to say that they are not going to give me my money back, which I kind of already knew. They charged me four $35.00 fees based on purchases that I made with "my money" that once this incident occured it overdrew my account. The Bank Of America, yeah right I guess only if you have enough money to support America.
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Stone Mountain, Georgia
Bank Of America Account