Atlanta, Georgia

The US government gave Bank of *** America 40 billion dollars to help or fix distressed/rip-off/corrupt mortgages. They will not help anyone and do what is right: Refinance mortgages for the fair market value of homes.

Instead, the 40 billion dollars was misspent (within their own corporation) on their own lawyers to fight their own evil corruption. The banks were compensated for the money lost on home values, but did not give it back to homeowners. WHEN IS OUR GOVERNMENT GOING TO WAKE UP AND HELP AMERICAN HOMEOWNERS FROM THIS EVIL CORRUPTION?

Bank of America is above the law, and money controls everything, even our government. Revolution calling...Or maybe God will step in and rain a Wormwood meteor shower on every BofA branch.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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Please go to your local media with your story.


you are so right about the bs.

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