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My daughter has gotten her Bank of America Credit Card hacked 5 times,that's 5 different cards hacked by the same shop in N.Y which she has never been to. Bank of America just sent her card number 5 and 2 weeks later it was hacked I have called NYPD they said go back to your local PD.They just sent her a letter saying they think they finally got the store blocked really it take the bank 2 months and 5 cards later to fix the problem.?

I will be filling a complain with the OCC about how poor the security is at Bank of America. Why would a bank cont to allow this vendor to be able to *** her 5 new cards ?

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Cash Rewards Credit Card.

Reason of review: Security.

Preferred solution: get a new internet security system stop accounts from being hacked .

I didn't like: Poor service.

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my internet security system is fine its the banks security system that's poor and needs a 100 % over haul. I have the same security system same internet same bank mine wasn't hacked.

to whisperbutterfly #1598639

You’re an idiot, they can be getting the number from somewhere other than your computer, as suggested before, a quick google will help educate you


If your daughter has been hacked 5 different times it's probably not the bank and something she's doing. No one gets hacked 5 times unless they're unlucky enough to be skimmed several times different times, has a seriously compromised device full of viruses, trades somewhere that's unsafe or IN on it.

I'm surprised the bank would keep playing games with her and hasn't shut her down. Why not Google up why does my card keep getting hacked? I did find another reason that I didn't mention above. One you should consider or probably already have and know who it is.

" If you’re experiencing repeated credit card theft and none of the other sources of compromise we’ve described seem to be the culprit, then you might want to look closely at the people around you.

" P.S. Been with BOA(no I don't work with them) for years and have never been "hacked."

to Anonymous #1598638

Yep, either she’s in on it or dumb - either way not boa’s fault

to Anonymous #1613373

For your information stupid I have been in security 20 yrs ( 7 yrs with military security)and know how cards get hacked .I have the same bank and we share a account and its not been *** but now her card has been hacked 8 times all new cards new numbers ,different stores but it all goes back to 1 place in N.Y which means BofA security server has a virus or there selling card information.

to Anonymous #1613375

I have been in security 20 yrs its not on our end-- Bof A has been sued before for the same problems poor security and there people like Wells Fargo have been making up bogus accounts and selling people info. The bank promised us the company in N.Y has been blocked well guess what her new card 1 week old was hacked by the same company for the 8th time.

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