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I was in the process of getting my home loan modified thru Bank of America and NACA playing the middle man.NACA told me to stop paying my credit cards and give up my car so that they could see that I was trying to keep my house. After waiting for nine months of giving them the same paperwork every month and following thru with whatever they asked I come home one day an find the house had been sold.

when I called to see why they said I had fell thru the cracks and there was nothing I could do but get out. I fell into this problem because I took a big pay cut and then I broke my foot and it all started to dwindle like every other citizens in America with no help.

Now, that I am trying to find somewhere to rent no one wants to rent to me because of my credit being 120 days late an the foreclosure. I don't know what to do this is the reason for my seeking other resources.

Monetary Loss: $209.

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Your words - "NACA told me to stop paying my credit cards and give up my car".

Dude, your credit was going to turn to *** anyway by following this advice, so don't blame the foreclosure for all of your woes.


the home has to go to a "sheriff's sale" first then you have 6 months to buy the home yourself or sell it for more than the sheriff's sale price and you get to keep the difference. Yes BAC are a bunch of idiots, the left and the right hand do not know what they are doing.

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Sally, what's wrong? Why so cranky?

Did the crabs come back or did your "toy" stop working?

Do you need me to send you some antibiotics or some C batteries? Maybe some Midol?


Let us know what street corner you'll be living on. I'll bring you my half-eaten donut.

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