On my husband's death in March 2010 I applied for modification. I was assured all paperwork was received and my file complete as of last week in May.

Subsequent calls to BofA told me of conflicting info, etc. Calls on 6/24 and 7/8 reassured me that I was 'in review'. My call on 8/3 gave assurance that it was out of review in sent to underwriters and I would hear from them within 15 days. A call on 8/26 sends me back to square one.

I'm in review and an escalation has been requested. That means someone will contact me.

My payment is $500 p/mo less than my new monthly income. Do I eat or go into default while waiting for promised relief??

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Pls contact me - BOA is DECEPTIVE - Class action filed in S texas. Investigating this as my injury increases daily. maxexptx@gmail.com facing foreclosure while in mod review - illeagal tx constitution

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #183140

what a joke boa is...loan modification is a joke....after calling every few weeks, they requested additional paperwork, I faxed in the paperwork. I was told declined cause they dont modify 2nd mortgage...they couldnt tell me that on the phone 3 months ago? Never received any type of letter in the mail to this effect...call them every couple weeks for some type of help...paying 12% interest on 2nd mortgage...all they do is play phone games when u call...hang up on you, blind transfer you...this is criminal


I was told that BoA does'nt call or write until they need something from you or your mod status is confirmed. So call them...alot.

I was declined because I "did not send my info in within 30 day." I was never told when the 30 days started or ended either. Not a joke. I quailfied for a temporary mod to boot!

Once they decline it in writing, there is nothing they will do for you either. Good luck

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