Dracut, Massachusetts

I say that all BOA/Countrywide homeowners that have not been help by modification that are eligible stop paying their mortgage payment and march to Washingto DC to demand from Obama that he hold them to the agreement they made for all of our tax payers money they have already received. What really ticks me off is BOA is getting away with extorting cheating and robbing Americans and our elected official are standing by and allowing this to happen.

Totally disgusted.

We should all protest against this bank and put them out of business for eternity... Let do it now

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Mortgage.

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Well said! I agree to stopping payments.

Take a stand, America! These banks have gotten away with TOO MUCH for TOO LONG in my opinion.


Amen to that BRother, it is about time EVERYBODY stops paying their *** debt back.

This is ridiculous, RIP BOA!!!

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