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Bank of America will give the a line of credit, and you make the payments, on time, more than is due. That don't mean a thing to these crooks.

You will get a letter stating, we just raised your rates from 8.5% to 23% and wont do anything to help you or who cares if you paid on time. The people who make the payments are the ones who must be punish.

I hope the $#%^&E I spoke with lose they jobs and eat the *** they dish out. I AM PISSED OFF, I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH B OF A, EVER!!!

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They did that to me, too! They blame it on the economy.

They make me so mad, i hope they bankrupt. I pay on time and more than the minimum every month. My great rate I once had is now 26.24%--that's robbery! I spent an hour on the phone trying to get my rate back down, but they refused.

They don't even care if I take my business elsewhere, but they should... with that kind of business practice they will bankrupt.


same thing happened to me. They extend low rate credit and wait for the balance to go up before they raise rates!!

I hate them!! I will never do business with them again!!!

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