I don't know which company I am so angry at but it is either American Economic Solutions or Bank of America (f/k/a Countrywide). I tried to work out a Loan Modification with Countrywide at the first of the year and they wouldn't even talk to me.

After reviewing lots of Loan Mod Co's. I selected AES. Sent them $2,400 in MARCH! Still don't have a modification or my money back.

AES says it is BofAm that is the hold up.

I just want either my money back or the loan modification! This is ridiculous!

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We have been dealing with this company also. We were doing a credit card debt modification for the past 2years.

They got over 12,000.00 from us. Once there payments were all made, two months later the phone calls and emails stopped and credit card companies were calling. I did some researching on the names of the people working there. They are all good friends and do a lot of traveling together on the money of the people they have scammed.

They have different company name from Live Better Debt Relief to American Economic Solutions, MJB Communications, all with different phone numbers but the addresses are the same, MJB Holdings is a different address. The name I have found are Micha J Burridge, Jason Stroder, Ryan O'Keefe, and Ivan Porto.I hope one day they rot in ****!!!!!


This comes directly from someone who was involved with the day to day of this former company and meant for those who are doing their research... Jason cares and has tried to affiliate himself with people who want to help and who do business the right way.

Unfortunately, those he was involved with in the past were not in it to help people as he was. If you look further into AES you will find that Jason is not at fault and that blame should be pointed elsewhere.


I had paid money to Ivan Porto for him to apply for the mortgage modification. I'm wondering if AES and Porto were together on this.

Porto took the money and ran and has lost his license to practice.

No clue how to get my money back, if it's even possible. Filing with BBB in California, hoping he has home or property that a lien could be put on.

Lyme, New York, United States #351525

I've done business with Jason Stroder in the past. He is NOT to EVER be trusted with money.

In fact, he still owes me thousands of dollars from previous endeavors. My heart goes out to those of you that lost money on your Loan Modifications... I know that Jason Stroder plays on the financial hardships of others to make his own pockets full.

Unfortunately you will not be seeing this money ever again. It's the same as flushing thousands down the toilet in hope of a Genie Appearing!


Micah Burridge and Jason Stroder are scam artists who lie and steal peoples money. They scammed me out of several thousand dollars.

I hope they go to jail. I am sure they have lost their real estate license


Is anyone at AES a real Attorney or do they say that to suck you in.

My wife found Jason on facebook and sent him a messege to contact us. He did.

He texted her to call him on his cell phone.
When we got the text it was late so I called the next day and got no answer. Later in the day a package came in the mail. It was all the documents from our file with AES.

No note, no call, no text. :sigh
After not hearing from AES for a month I went to the office's after work. I found it empty and locked up.I was 1 step away from modification and now I don't know if it can be savaged.

I hope T.B. is correct about what he said about Jason because he came highly recommended by a attorney who knows him. When I first met Jason he came across to me as someone who really cared about helping people.

I'd just like to know what happend. :sigh

No Doubt!!! American Economic Solutions is a BIG SCAM ARTIST.

I started a loan modification with them several months ago (Denise Stemmons who was my consultant and Angelica ??? who was my negotiator) and they kept coming up with excuses until they slowly one day disconnected their phone numbers and I could no longer contact them. I was able to get a phone number (619) 567-5179 that registered on my phone when Angelica called me one time, so I called that number and she answered "______ realty". That was the last time I was able to contact them.

They scammed $3,000 from me. To make matters worst, I have a default notice on my house.

My only message to them is "If they can find Bin Laden, then they surely can find SCAMMERS like you. "ROT IN ***"


Well we tried to work with BOA for a year on our own and then worked with AES. It took a year, way over the estimated time that AES estimated, but AES was in touch with us, most of the time and after a year the bank finally came up with a modification. The funny thing is; is that the modification that we got was actually better then what we tried to get on our own.


AES didn't return calls... they took $3000 and never contacted us as promised about our loan modification.

GMAC (mtg company) stated they only work between the customer and not another company UGH.

AES is scam- their phone number is disconnected so is any connection to their sites... God truly knows and I will make sure we receive our $3000 back.


Apparently "Pissed Consumer" doesn't allow you to remove previous posts. So I need to correct mine (#5).

I mentioned Jason Stroder's name in my post. That was a big mistake. Jason was NOT the problem I thought he was, nor the attorney. So since I cannot remove my post I need to write this to clear his name.

So if you read my post, PLEASE disregard the comments made specifically about Jason. We've talked and he's enlightended me on ALOT of issues that I did not know about. I am truely sorry for writing it. Jason will bend over backwards to help someone with their modification as he's doing now.

Like I mentioned earlier, there were alot of unforeseen circumstances I didn't know about. So PLEASE disregard my previous comment.


They took $3000 to "modify my mortgage" and did nothing that the bank wasn't going to do. I was offered a quote by the bank in June, them in Aug and they came up with the same exact offer that the bank gave us.

Shortly after we paid them they passed the file off to Attorney Ivan Porto's Office, San Diego,CA saying they will be able to do more than AES. They won't return our money and did absolutely nothing. We were desparate to get our mortgage lowered and they took advantage of that. Now we are very close to losing our home.

The very least they could have done was refunded our money.

We went weeks trying to reach them, no answers to phone calls, emails, etc. Absolutely sick to my stomach that we put our trust in people who have no conscience.


The name of the owner is Micah Burridge. He is a scam artist and prays on unsuspecting people.

He scammed me out of several thousand dollars. We are in the process of working with the attorney generals office and the california bar association on our case.


We were contacted by the California real estate offices as well as the attorney general. The owner who's name is Mika is under investigation and is about to get his.


This scam company is owned by an *** named Micha. He has ripped off lots of people including me. his day is coming.

:( DO NOT USE AES!!! They scammed us out of $3,000.

Jason Stroder was my agent and yet (see above) he wrote "no upfront fee"??? That's BS because he charged us! We went through so much *** to modify just to find out we never were approved. We spent approx.

1.5 years on the modificatin. Now we're having to deal with our lender to prevent foreclosure. The atty. Jason appointed to us was no help either.

He never kept us up to date on where we were in the modification. He claimed our lender had all the info they needed, yet we found out way later we were turned down and weren't notified by anyone at AES!! I previously called the 888 number for AES and got a voicemail for a guy named Mike.

No company name is mentioned. Again, don't use AES, they're a scam!!!!

They scammed us as well. They do not answer the phones ever.

We have reported them to the CA Bar association. We also found out they are under investigation with the attorney general according to the person we spoke to.



EVERYONE TRYing to call that number that the person from American economics posted, let me know if they actually answer the phone and you don't get some BULL$%#! voicemail box message! because i've tried at least 2000 X's and they don't answer my calls anymore, but of course they already scammed me for my money, so i guess they don't need to speak with me anymore.


American Economics got me for 4000 $ also.. I am very pissed as well!!

whoever is writing the post s about how great their customer service is, is ffull of Bull! I cannot get in touch with nobody ffrom their company as soon as they got their $$ from me!! BOGUS cOmpany!

DO NOT USE THEM!!!! ( unless you don't mind being ripped off!)

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