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I wrote 6 months ago about how terrible Bank of America is and little wonder they have been consistently voted on of the worst American Companies. Now it has been over 52 months and the same old misguided, inept, and negligent misrepresentation on behalf of the Bank of America Home Loan Team.

With the thousands of lawsuits that have been initiated against Bank of America the tide is starting to turn on B of A and others who initially participated in the huge mortgage scam that started with Countrywide Home Loans, MERS, numerous lenders, and even FNMA and Freddie Mac. In my humble opinion the governments, state and federal, did not go far enough for fear and threats from the financial institutions that our wonderful Country would collapse!! Well I think it actually did and with all the bailout money that should have went to homeowners with two stipulations (1 pay off your mortgage and 2) buy a new car!! Maybe this would have solved two serious problems for our wonderful country and the best possible use of OUR money as opposed to the *** bailout.

To date most of the bailout recipients have greatly benefited and are reporting great profits at our (the tax paying citizens and property owners expense!!) Hos crazy is this. B of A and many others have taken innocent property owners property based upon false representations and documents. Just click on Google and check out Bank of America law suits. There have been well in access of 30,000 complaints logged with the CFPB on Bank of America alone and the CFPB, states like Colorado, and even the USDOJ continue to look the other way and ignore the FACTS. They won't even respond and Congress people in all states are even worse except for Montana that I know about anyway. Just check out the Morrow Case in Montana and what Supreme Court Justice McKinnon had to say about nasty old Bank of America and its gross negligent misrepresentation and fraudulent behavior that continues to this date- even after the National Mortgage Settlement, the Morrow Case, the supposed epic settlement with the USDOJ and more!!

Governor Jerry Brown in California even supposedly got caught using alleged $300,000 million CA received in the National Mortgage Settlement with 49 states to apply to the debt and not help property owners which was supposed to be the basis for the settlement!! The big question is where is ALL this money?? The USDOJ settlement in late 2014 was for nearly $17 BILLION DOLLARS - where is that money. Many speculate that Eric Holder and other had plans to use the money for other things and not helping existing property owners to resolve and keep ownership of their property.

I just got a letter from Senator Corey Gardner's Office here in Colorado that they have supposedly contacted FNMA directly on one of my loans and immediately received approval for a modification trial payment plan that would cut the one mortgage in half-like Chase Bank did with my 93 year old mom back two years ago and only took 33 days with little to NO documentation involved, not ONE penny in closing costs, and no appraisal!!! I believe that is what the intentions and basis were supposed to be for helping all property owners.

Bank of America apparently ignored all this and put together an elaborate plan to scam people, stall them until they could foreclose, and even draft up false documents alleging the modify loans that they made claim were owned by FNMA but they merely extended the loans out to 40 to 50 years with no lowering of the high interest rates and even trying to collect fees. I have undisputable proof of all this and nearly four (4) feet of correspondence form over 30 different people that have been assigned to me over these past 52 months!!!

Nasty B of A and the Janeway law firm foreclosed on me on March 2016 supposedly and then I received an "in-house appraisal" from them that the property appraised significantly higher than the loan amount and was the reason I begged and pleaded with them these past years to please help me and not foreclose.

Another very interesting point is the fact that the Janeway lawfirm was fined $650,000 Plus $350,000 on hold (nearly $1 million in all) representing fine and penalties for abuse in overcharging and other abuse in foreclosures in Colorado. Thank to Rule 120 they are still doing this and Colorado Courts look the other way and accept the word of an attorney by phone no less, without even swearing them in, the they have the original note and trust deed. The turkey judge that was mostly a part time judge until recently, even mocked me for coming to court with a full armload of documents and proof to fully support my case- he wouldn't even give me chance to represent my position that had the copies of all the documents sent to me by two lawfirms and it was all duplication and contained "blank robo stamps" - that is notes endorsed in blank to no one and many of the documents provided were stamped by known "robo signers"!!!

I hope Colorado and other states now take the lead as did the great state of Montana where the supreme court and even the Montana AG filed against nasty old B of A and FOR the Morrows. To bad the Morrows settled out of court on a private and confidential basis so they and their attorneys got a lot of money but did not chose to help the greater good!!! unfortunately this seems to be the norm. Really a sad situation that MILLIONS of people have lost their homes unjustly and falsely-many after paying in on their mortgages for many years!!

The California Supreme Court recently took a major step in recognizing that borrowers have standing to defend themselves in the Yvanova V. New Century Mortgage Corporation (Case No. S218973m Cal.Sup.Ct Fegruary 18, 2016). Lenders must now be aware that lenders are facing the unravelling of their "Securitization Scheme". Lets home good, honest lawfirms, title companies, and Congress people will ban together and finally put the lenders in their proper place. My humble opinion based upon my experience all these many many months.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Loan.

Reason of review: abuse and negligent misrepresentaion.

Monetary Loss: $600000.

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