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September 5, 2011, I called BOA to report my debit card lost. Angie answered the line who you could tell was "having a bad day".

Finally, I told her that I could tell she was having a bad day and I needed to speak to someone else. Angie hung up.

I immediately called back. And what do you know, Angie answered. I advised her that I did not want to speak with her and that I needed a member in management.

She played dumb stating, "I logged onto my computer." I requested mangement again. She stated that she would get someone and hung up again.

I immediately called back the third time and got someone different.

I am a very laid person, cool, calm, and collected person, but needless to say, she really pissed me off. Tomorrow, I will be closing all three of my accounts to go with a more customer serivce friendly bank.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Account.

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I think that's the same lady I just spoke to. Sounds like an agitated old black lady.

I just ended up being rude and loud myself, saying "excuse you, repeat that" etc..

The best way to get to a pissy person, is to be pissy yourself sarcastically. :)


The people here are very rude and out of line. I had the worst experience ever by employees at Bank of America, on Nov 18 I went in to open a personal savings plus a savings acct for each of my 4 children.

Everything was fine up until the end when I was directed to the teller to deposit funds onto the brand new account. The teller had a very nasty attutude to begin with, she also wanted my ID saying she needs it for a CTR...well she was wrong the omputer showed that was not needed. she call some manager over, they were being very weird and sneaky pionting to the computer screen and using signals to each other being very secretive. I began to look ctr up on my phone, while in the prossess i ran across something called an SAR, i asked the teller and manager were they filing the SAR and said yes but not a big deal.

I was treated like a criminal, they made me feel like I did something wrong by having a little cash.

What a way to welcome new customers. I closed the accounts right away very next morning, they will never have my business again


I have been a customer with BOA for 7 years. I have 4 bank accounts with them- two business and two personal.

Six weeks ago I moved from Florida to Colorado and guess what??? There is not ONE branch in Colorado. Not only that, but there is only one ATM in all of Denver where you can deposit checks and it is not near my house. So, yesterday in my personal checking account, I made a deposit at this ridiculous ATM that is in the freaking mall mind you, and because they didn't post it right away I ended up getting 3 overdraft charges totaling $119!

I immediately called this morning and they refused to refund my money even though I have NEVER overdrawn my account before.

They don't care about you unless you have millions of dollars in their bank. I will be closing all 4 of my accounts and go somewhere else!