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I had in 2010 been contacted by Bank of America, offering me a Line of Credit, for 45,000.00 to pay off my debits and have one payment, and was also charged a 3,000.00 fee which after talking to several Bank employees that they don't charge a fee when asked to have...
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Here is some help:

Pay your bills on time.

Don't apply for lines of credit that you can't pay back.

Pay your bills on time.

Oh, in case you missed it, pay your bills on time.

Don't expect creditors to ignore it when you don't pay your bills on time. Understand the payment terms of your loan.

Pay your bills on time. Don't apply for lines of credit that you can't pay back in a timely fashion.

Pay the amount the bank bills your for, not what you think you ought to pay. Read your statements, note the due date, and pay your bills on time.

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Bank Of America Checking Account
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Poor customer service
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I want this law suit dropped as you are suing me for a Credit Card which I did not have, I did not breach any contract, I could sue you for breach of contract,privacy, misappropriation of funds.

Bank Of America in Phoenix, Arizona - Screwed BY B of A

For years I had direct deposit on my account. Bank of America advertised and told me that I would have free checking because I had direrct deposit. I went to them several times to get it taken care of and each time they said ir would. I was charged for checking for 10 years and never recieved a dime back or free checking. I was charged for an inssurance policy that I didn't want and I told them so. Even after several trips to the bank and calls they still charged me for the insurance policy. One year the IRS made a mistake and put a lean on my account. Even though I had made purchases prior to that with my debit card they called it insuficient funds and then chrged me 35.00 each for 5 debit transactions. Some of the transactions were less than 3.00. Even though the IRS returned the money Bank of America didn't. I closed my accounts. My wife wrote a check for $110.00 on a credit card payment. Bank of America says it was for $10.00 and said her payment was $100.00 short. Even though a copy of the check from Chase clearly shows $110.00. They are charging a late fee and want 2 months payment to bring it up to date. I have the information for them but they don't care. Frack Them.
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They have been stealing funds from consumers for years!

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Bank Of America Checking Account

Bank Of America in Phoenix, Arizona - I feel scammed

I had an account with Bank of America for a year. It was a savings account. It said I had $8.00. I got my income taxes and decided to start a checking account. It said I was approved, and the next day I deposited 50$. Thank God it wasnt more! Then next day I was unable to log onto the account. I called and they said they closed the account because of something on my credit report. I never got an email, I never got a phone call. A week goes by and I got a cashier's check for 10$, and a debit card in the mail.I called them again for them to tell me there is fine print that says they can close the account any time they wish, for whatever reason, and that there is an exact fee of 50$. I cannot find it in the TOS they sent me.
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Bank Of America Checking Account

Bank Of America in Phoenix, Arizona - NSF Fees

On August 14, 2008, a deposit was made to my Bank of America account by a Bank of America customer in Maryland. On August 14th, the funds showed available both by phone and internet. I made purchases from those available cash funds and on 8/15/08, I received 3 insufficient fund fees because they showed the deposit being made on 8/15/08. When I contacted a representative and her manager, they both tried to explain the logic, but was very assured that no one would refund my fees. I feel like they've stolen money from my account.
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The best thing for you to do is go to a credit union. Good Luck!


its the worst bank in the whole wide USA. i called complaining they said "well u cant do nothing about it except go to another bank.

Its your fault". Tried to get to supervisor but not available. My salary went in but was in "pending" mode, but they were still took 5 NSF fees from my account.

Its not that it was a new check - its the same salary check for the past 6 months! Freaken ridiculous!


I understand your complaints! Do your banking with a Credit Union.

If enough people do this it would put them out of business. They have the WORST customer service ever!


I just went through this. What I hate is that they take it upon themselves to automatically sort debits by largest amount first.

This assures the bank a higher chance of NSF funds. Even though they say it's only "their policy", you have no recourse...

except to go to another bank. That's what I'm doing.


sounds like to me that you made your deposit after the cutoff time at that banking center. As long as you have your receipt (which clearly shows the time of the deposit) we would correct any form of bank error.

Banking centers cutoff time for MD, VA & DC is 5pm Mon-Thur and 6pm on Friday's.

Same goes if you deposit CASH. it will not get processed until next business day IF done after the cutoff time the state of your deposit.


I have had that happen to me in the past and luckily I was able to get the fees reversed. I try my hardest to make sure I keep receipts of all transactions and when I check my account statement online. Also, I print out my online statements showing my deposits and withdrawals which comes in handy when they decided to change the date of transaction listed against you.

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Bank Of America Checking Account

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