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Bank of America just suspended my ATM card for the second time in a month, for "unusual activity." This time it was a $200 purchase for medicine, ten miles from my residence and the mailing address for the card. They notified me by email. Before that, it was a single tank of gas 200 miles from my home while on a short vacation. There is no way to turn off this "feature."

If I were on vacation, I might not have access to email. I take vacations to get away from email! In that case, I could easily end up stranded without cash.

Recently, my BofA-issued credit card has been declined for unexplained reasons. Probably the same thing is going on, though in this case, they did not even bother to notify me.

I have recently learned that Bank of America expects me to notify them if I am going to be traveling and using my ATM or BofA issued credit card. I don't recall being notified about this.

At first, this seemed insane. I now realize the system is not intended to protect me. It protects the bank from losses incurred when they honor charges made on lost and stolen cards.

Part of the problem is that I normally use cash for small purchases. Apparently, I should use my ATM and credit cards more often, to avoid suspension for "unusual" charges. So, this is also a thinly-veiled incentive to use my card more often, which of course produces revenue for the Bank of America.

I am disgusted.

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This first comment sounds like it was written by a BOA representative.Who would not be upset thier card is being declined at a business 10 miles from your home. BOA NEVER has had their customers interest at the top.

Their only interest is how much money can they take while as a bonus irrating their customers. Check out news articles for the past 5 years and you will see what a disreputable company this is


I just gotta say first - that I get it...I have had my card declined at a gas station and first not know why. As soon as I called, the system made me answer 2 small questions and it was cleared up without even talking to anyone!

When I got home I also checked my email and they had notified me of the suspicious activity (used my card to pay for gas back to back in 2 seperate stations). It was frustrating and embarrassing; however, I have to add that I believe this is done to protect us, not them as you stated. If you claim a fraud charge on your account, the bank doesn't always take a loss so not sure how this would result in revenue for them?? I had $400 stolen from my account (with another bank) and was never notified.

I just happen to actually fly out of town and my card declined when getting food. I then had to sign an affidavit first before I could get a credit. Personally, I like this feature now that I understand it.

I have alert options set up on my email, cell phone, etc...As for the travelling, just imagine if you were away and your card was being used fradulantly and you were stuck? Most people will - or should- call the bank if the card declines for no good reason.