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$3000 were taken from my account ( disability account through EDD) considered a pre paid debit card. I’ve had this acccount for almost a year and always in good standing I have used it before too no issues from my part.

Now this happens and I get treated like I’m the thief!! $3000 taken within 4 days at 4 different atms in 3 different cities!! I submitted my claim waited 10 days it was denied because the stupid rep took the info wrong so they reopened it. .

I received No credit meanwhile I have all my bills due with $0 in my account. 10 days later they denied again bc according to them it’s not consiteded fraud because my PIN was used. Are you freaking kidding me??? That’s called fraud!!!

Atm skimmers that’s what they do! Then they said that he footage they pulled was the same person taking the money since day one so I said send it! I want to see and sure enough two different people manager at branch verified that it wasn’t me and they still didn’t care! They said that was their decision and that they needed more proof??

More? To go get a police report so I Did I then went to FDIC and Federal reserve for complaint and all they did was submit back to BofA wait 10 days for them to say Denied again bc “charges are authorized” I’m telling you they are NOT authorized! Wtf??

It’s hirrible nightmare! I will sue them for way more this is affecting my health and finances extreamly and I will not cease until I get my money back and more!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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All four of the monster mega banks are about as bad as can be. You found out too late.

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