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BAC takes the cake: We have optional insurance on our mortgage in case you get laid off they pay mortgage. They stopped billing us for it, so they applied my payments to either our escrow or principal instead. Then I get a letter stating my optional insurance would be cancelled for non payment!

They had the audacity to tell me I had to fax in proof that I was not being billed for it! Remember, they are the ones who sent me the letter!

That was the third round of discussions over the past year. I said bye-bye, I am taking my business to Wachovia.

No department can speak to another department, you have to call insurance, then customer service, then billing yourself to try to get them to fix an issue. They open an 'investigation', promises are made and nothing gets done so you start over a few months later.

In Summary, do not do business with them from the start. It will only be an excercise in frustration.

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Bank of America should not be used by anyone anyway because of the mortgages they gave to illegal aliens. They put guaranteed government payment of non-performing instruments over ensuing the citizenship of clients. What a bunch of bums!!

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