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I received a solicitation letter to apply for a Cash Rewards VISA credit card that stated, "$100 cash back bonus after qualifying purchases", with no information on how to qualify. On 26 January at 2:25pm CST, I spoke (888-224-8735, card applications) to Supervisor Marisse and she said "first purchase within 90 days" to qualify.

The account was opened on 11 March. I made a purchase on 26 March that qualified me for the bonus.

I received a letter on 4 April that stated, "To qualify ... $500 in ... purchases by 6/9". That contradicted Marisse and left me with only 66 days to comply.

On 4 April, I spoke to 5 people (Argelia, Supervisor Diveena, Carina, Supervisor Paulette and Frank-Credit Dept.) during one 80-minute call, being transferred from one to another. None of them had any authority to do anything.

I called the nearest B of A branch (Williams Dr.) and spoke to Assistant Manager Denise. She said she would initiate an inquiry the next morning.

On 5 April, I spoke to Charles and Supervisor Robert, both in the Credit Dept. Supervisor Robert said Supervisor Marisse did not know the qualifying requirements. I HAD NOT SPOKEN TO ROBERT BEFORE AND ONLY MENTIONED MARISSE DURING THE CALL. HOW DID ROBERT IN THE CREDIT DEPT. KNOW WHAT MARISSE IN CARD APPLICATIONS KNEW? WHY DID SHE TELL ME THE REQUIREMENTS IF SHE DID NOT KNOW? Robert said she was speculating. HOW DID ROBERT KNOW WHAT MARISSE WAS DOING? WHY DID SHE SPECULATE RATHER THAN SAYING SHE DID NOT KNOW? Robert said I am not going to get the $100.

I drove to nearest B of A and spoke to Manager Mary Ann. She said she would investigate.

Lori Wolk-Resolution Dept. called and said she was responding to Denise's electronic message that I wanted "clarification" of the qualification requirements. I have never asked for "clarification". Lori said it is irrelevant what Supervisor Marisse told me. THAT MEANS B OF A MARKETING CAN SAY ANYTHING THEY WANT IN SOLICITING CUSTOMERS. THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS IS WHAT THE LETTER RECEIVED 24 DAYS AFTER THE ACCOUNT WAS OPENED SAYS. THAT IS CLASSIC BAIT-AND-SWITCH. Lori said Denise's inquiry is therefore "resolved". THEREFORE, THE AUTHORITARIAN CZAR WINS WITH BAIT-AND-SWITCH.

On 6 April, Samantha Stover-Escalation offered me $1.69 to resolve my complaint. SHE APPARENTLY THOUGHT I AM A COMPLETE *** TO MAKE SUCH AN INSULTING OFFER. I DECLINED.

I returned a missed call from Nina Boyer-Market Escalation. She called because of branch assistant manager Denise's inquiry … just like Lori Wolk-Resolution Dept. Lori claimed the issue was resolved/closed. I summarized my complaint to someone (13th employee) who was going to type a message for Nina.

I want the $100 cash back bonus for meeting the only qualifying requirement that I was given to entice me to apply for an account. B of A could have supplied the qualifying requirement in the solicitation letter, but they did not. Supervisor Marisse could have said she did not know the qualifying requirement, but she did not. Supervisor Marisse could have said she would inquire about the qualifying requirement and tell me, but she did not. Supervisor Marisse could have transferred me to someone else, but she did not. Supervisor Marisse could have obtained a copy of the form letter sent to new customers and read the qualifying requirement, but she did not.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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