Prior Lake, Minnesota
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The worst experience, and I've had a lot, as my career was in the finance sector.

This is a multi year problem that has occurred across the States. in the past month, my card was shut off 3 times...and that is at my home location.

It used to happen usually once a month, even after calling in about travel. Then came the "new" ( only new to B of A, other banks had this now antiquated service years ago) txt questions, which I answered and upon such time I was txtd that my card was working now. That was false..3 times false. These event go on, but if you choose B of A you will find out, as did the guy last week at a B of A branch in Miami. I was there while I could overhear him in his frustration, elaborating on the same issue I have.

I think MANAGMENT is on vacation and new hires are running the fraud dept. Looking at their stock price history, tells a story. A lot of good people with some very bad management.

BofA CC may be good if the holder does not travel much and does not use the card much.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Credit Card.

Reason of review: most of the above.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: I tried for years to explain, followed instruction, been lied to, my solution, advertise it for the next few years everywhere I can..

Bank Of America Pros: Live customer service - krystal castillo, Ft lauderdale lasolas branch.

Bank Of America Cons: Customer service, Phone.

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BoA is absolutely the worst. I left them for a credit union about 5 years ago and couldn't be happier I left those crooks!!


Then don't, Leave Bank of America. :|


Agreed. And good luck putting them in a credit payment program to lower interest rate - doesn't exist.

They are greedy and they have no customer service. Theirs will be the last card I ever payoff because if I die or declare bankruptcy, I know they won't get another dime, even though I know that thinking is costing me more in the long run. Sometime it's just the principle.

The day will come when I'm rid of them and never will I do business with them again. Unfortunately, they don't care about anyone's situation, only their own.