Lathrop, California

Bank of America falsely provides customer with account information regarding their "current balance". Upon speaking with a customer service rep.

i have clarifyed issues about overdraft fees and the answers given were directing me to a mucked account after a withdraw was made. I kept asking why and was given open ended answers leading me back to giving them the funds that they stated were owed. How does an online account mislead the customer? When there is a "current balance" that is not current, why is the customer led to believe that they can spend that "current balance"?

Bank of America uses their planned obsolesence to their advantage to give customer a lack of satisfaction and a dent in their account. Their customer support is rude and unclear of the situation and makes irrelevent answers for questions regarding any information with "pending" transactions and "current balances" of account info. They also said they are not 'personal accountants" of customers, then why do they manage to take your money from you when they say theres enough in your account, then when you use it, the penalize you by keeping track of your account info when there is no money in it? They are un'ethical and practice shady business tactics.

B of A is "breaking of accounts"! Not bank of America.

They should be shut down!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Online Banking.

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You are correct the only viable solution would be to take your lender to court and sue them. Especially B of A...

If you took out a loan or it was transferred between 2002 and 2009 there is a really a good chance that your loan was

securitized....Now is the time to take the decision making power away from your lender and level the playing

field in a court of law. Now is the time for homeowners to stand up and be heard for all the abuse, inconvienence

and fraudulent practices they have endured by their lender..Lenders are not approving loan mods.. they stand to

make alot more money if they foreclose on you. In fact 94% of the people that apply for a loan mod are denied..

In addition, loan mods do nothing to help people that are upside down in their house. If you would like to know

more about this and to find out if your loan qualifies for this opportunity then e-mail me at and let's talk and be sure to put "sue my lender" in the subject line so I do not mistake it for spam

and delete it.. Dallas


First may I ask why would you want to modify your loan when there may be fraud in your mortgage that you were not aware of. You can take that fraud and make those that broke the law pay rather than you paying them to defraud you.

When the banks break the law they owe YOU money, it says so in the law. The way to show they broke the law is in auditing the paperwork. A forensic audit performed by certified professionals can go over mortgage documents and find the violations of the law. Since a crime may have been committed you need to treat the paperwork as such.

From the audit then a letter asking for more information or a rescission letter asking for the return of ALL money paid in and for them to divest themselves of all claims. From there litigation paperwork can be created ready to file into court. They do not want their violations of the law before a jury of 12 homeowners who may wonder if they were defrauded as well. See all the "MISTAKES" they make like losing document etc may be more than that, it may be intentional which is fraud. contains example after of example what the law says when it come to mortgages.

If the people are going to take back this country we need to do it one home at a time with the law. When you have gone through the site and see just what you can do then contact to start taking back this country one home at a time.


Iam going throw a mod with bank of amercia they gave me one my mortage would of been 993.02 was 4,300 when we did everything they said to went to start my new payment de only to find out they decline my loan mod when I asked why they said because I didnt send paper which we did fedexed them back with there return address and they didnt get them.Them when I called the hope ppl they said they got everything and my loan was donr but the retentsion ppl said no not because of the paper now but I didnt answer there phone all call so I lost that loan mod and they new one is 2,670 I asked why cant they do the 1st one I was told on time only they will offer that I find it funny who would blow that dial right they lyed I sent the papers they got everything now I dont know what to do an you help??


Mortgage servicing is even worse, especially when bancruptcy is issue. 5 yrs pd.

them off. their lawyer told banktuptcy trustee no more money due 3 yrs. in. I called after dischg.

to get payoff- was told I owed them $2,000. Trustee had to send ck.

to me. I had to wire transfer to them.