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I Hate Bank of America. I am trying to have my home mortgage modified and have been at it with B of A, for over a year now. First, I was told there was nothing that they could do for me. Then, I was put onto a forebearance program, then I was supposedly put into a modification program.

In the meantime, I have had to go to court and meet with a mediator to try to stop foreclosure! When we got to court, the lawyer for B of A, had no idea that B of A, was trying to work with us. The mediator continued the case for 3 months, which is now ending and I still have no permanent modification.

Of course, when you call you get transferred to various departments and no one can give a correct answer. Each department tells you something different. I Hate Bank of America!!

I was sent a FedEx package which supposedly contained my modification paperwork. I received this package the day before Thanksgiving at 12:30pm, at 4:00pm, FedEx came back and asked for the package back(because the sender, Bank of America, wanted it back). I sent the package back without reading or signing anything. I received a phone call a couple of weeks after this stating that I would be receiving a package from B of A. I have yet to receive it!!

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BOA refused to work with me to modify my loan as well. Every attempt to communicate with them results in being transferred from one obviously incompetent person to another.

All the people working there whom I've spoken to have given me the impression they were uninformed louts. I suggest you stop trying to work with them, and try to refinance with another lender right away.

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