Bank of America policies and procedures, including customer service, needs to be more than revised. In addition there needs to be an exchanges of information between their credit card division and their banking division.

Once I have this situation resolved I will be closing both my BOA accounts and cashing in my points. My problem began when,on 2/11/13 I realized I paid off the wrong credit card account. I asked BOA Customer Service if they could transfer the money to the other account but because there is no relationship between the business division and the personal division they could not. I asked if the money could be wired back to my checking account which is where the money was drawn from.

I was told it would be faster if I requested two wire transfers. I was told to request the second transfer when the first transfer was complete which was in three days, 2/15. On 2/15 when I asked for the second transfer, I was told I could not request a second transfer for another 8 days but I could go to a branch to obtain a cash advance for which BOA would waive all charges. Sounds good, right but it isn't.

The branch I went to did not have enough money and then I was told that because I did not have an account with the bank they would not be able to give me the full amount. In my next call to BOA Customer Service, I asked to speak with a supervisor and was told after a few minutes, that the supervisor said there was no need to speak with me because he/she could not help me. I also informed BOA Customer Service that I had recently received a new card in the mail because of a security breach but did not receive a phone call informing me of the breach as I had in the past. There is more but this is the highlight.

All I wanted was my money to be either wired to my other credit card account or wired to my checking account. Granted I made the mistake, but why should BOA hold my money for any length of time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Banking Service.

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I have submitted six seperate request to BOA for a Home Loan Modification since 2011. In addition, each package, required additional information.

On several occasions, I received a letter in writing fom BOA stating that the mod package/request had been received. Only to have a BOA Customer Relationshop Manager called a week later stating certain documents were missing from the package. A week after that, I received a phone call from BOA stating that the package had not been received.

I finall gave up when the CRM assigned to my loan or his supervisor would not return my phone calls! BOA processes and procedures are broken!

Naples, Florida, United States #621253

There does not need to be communication between the two as they do not have anything to do with the other, expect for payments if you have payments transferred.

Credit card is a different entity than you banking center.

And in my opinion, when people say a business needs to change their methods of business, I laugh and wonder where they got their own business degree and what type of business they themselves own....when they say NONE, it makes me laugh even harder.

Those who can't, teach.

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