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I Transferred money from my savings to cover a purchase and the BOA transferred it back then charged me 35 dollars overdraft fee because the money was put back in my savings without my authorization i get direct deposit and transferred the savings again they sure took that money and then over drafted me again the day before my direct deposit putting me in the hole yet again as soon as i clear this up I will never bank with this company again they are ripping off people with the over draft fees and making your account in the negative if they would of left my transferred money I would not of been in the hole I will never refer this cruddy bank to anyone

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Account.

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Beware!! Bank of America stuck me with financial loss-they even made-created a fake signature card in order to cover-up their mistake.

They opened an account in my name w/out my knowlege or consent-told me i applied for it-i certinly did not. there are no statements, documents, applications, no anything to show this account ever existed. they cant even tell me where this account was opened. they claim checks were written from this account-bad checks and account is in my name so i get held responsible for it.

but if checks were written-why are there not any statements? the only thing they have associating me with this rogue account is sig. card. nothing on this sig card says anything in regards to where this account was opened-just my name and weird account number.

i think they created this bogus card for some reason. their fraud department does not act like they want to find out what happened-they dont do anything at all.

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