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This is how Bank of America thinks it should handle a situation. Oh, if I could only sue them or somehow make this public...

My bank tried to give me a heart attack... Yesterday, I went to my parents house for dinner as I do most Sundays. Using my father's computer, I signed into my online checking account to print a signature card and corporate resolution for a recently opened small business account. Afterwards, while helping my father update his computer, we discovered Trojan class viruses on his system, and that caused me worry because I recently entered my passcode to enter the banks domain.

So, Today (Monday), I signed online from my computer to check the account activity, and the system wouldn't let me in. Fearful of something having happened to my account, I immediately started an online chat with the bank support system, and they gave me a number to call. When I called the banks automated account system, it told me my account was overdrawn $880,000...

I feel to the floor in a state of panic that caused chest pain and dizziness. I was able to pick up the phone and auto dial my parents, who were able to reduce my shaking and calm me down enough to make a call to the bank's customer service people... After finally getting through to a human, they told me that the $880,00 negative balance information is a code they use internally to signify an account is in closure, and that my account was being closed because of some information they discovered about a previous account closure a few years before. So, they purposefully give people horrfying false information for some incredibly cruel reason, then because they don't care to have them as a customer, treat it as less than important that they almost killed them from fright.

This is the most outrageous business practice I have seen in my 50 years of life on earth, and something needs to be done to stop this sort of thing. I am still shaking an hour later, and before I calmed down even this much, I was literally sick to my stomach...

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Account.

Monetary Loss: $880.

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Ok, I'll look you up. I wonder how many Ron Haywards there are in the U.S.? I can guarantee one thing, you're the dumbest of all of them - that's for *** sure. Another internet tough guy - that's the real Ron Hayward. Man to man? Your posting your crybaby, "I'm a dumb ***," life stories on the internet you ***. There is no man to man online. In real life however, come see me and it's going to be man (Seth) and little crybaby *** with a mouth missing all his fronts (Ron).

Go *** your mother Ron.

Seth Kaufmann

P.S. - Nice emoticon *** bag. Did your mommy help you pick that out while you were "losing" your bank accounts together.. ***' dumb ***.


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Hey "Big Seth"... Why don't you look me up and let see who cries and wets their pants like the little school girl :cry --- You're the one that looks like a pansy, too afraid to put your real name down..

What the *** is a "Big Seth K." Really, if you haven't the balls to speak man to man, than your opinion isn't worth squat. At least use a name that doesn't sound like you're pumping your *** full of something...



Did you start crying and wet your pants like a little school girl while you were lying on the floor? You should know that no legitimate banking system would allow an $880,000 transaction online (especially on that overdraws an account) with no face to face communication. Come on dude...


I lodged a complaint with the better business bureau and within two day the secretary to the president called.. they reversed the erroneous charges they were going to charge me to "research" the account and then refunded my money with the promise to not report it as a closed account on the chex-systems...

They closed both my corporate account and my personal account, and sent me three certified checks for the balances and the fees they were going to charge...

so far, I'm getting over it.. but as a bank, they suck.


Did you get your money back?