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These people have the WORST customer service ever! I was charged a $35 overdraft fee when my account went $0.06 overdrawn- even though I have overdraft protection- and when I called the 800# I was very rudely told"because of my account history I was inelegible for the overdraft protection".

What the heck is that supposed to mean? I have banked with these people for 9 years an only been overdrawn twice! Where is the $250 I paid for the overdraft protection service in the first place? Try asking them cause all I keep getting is a run around!

I will never recomend them to anyone again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Checking Account.

Monetary Loss: $285.

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Why do Bank Of America place a 2 week hold on your account if your account is overdrawn for 21 days or more.First of all

boa charge you overdraft fees and extended

overdraft fees.The customer is paying the fees for their overdrawn account, why the

2 week hold on a check when it is deposited.The teller say it is because the check has to clear.I have deposited the same check for over a year it usually post the next day.I feel this rule should change because BOA is putting the customer further in debt.

Milltown, Wisconsin, United States #11715

customer service guy is completely 100% right. JCM makes me wonder though, if you were getting a monthly fee for an acct that was supposed to be free why did it take you 11 years to figure it out? Sounds like you weren't meeting basic requirements to keep whichever particular checking acct you had free, which isn't the bank's shouldn't have just sat there for 11 years and let it accumulate.

Mount Pleasant, Texas, United States #9877

everyone is eligible for overdraft protection. All you need is a checking account and either a savings account (opened in the same state as the checking), credit card thru BofA, or a line of credit.

If you have one of those three options, then your accounts can be linked for overdraft protection.

Also, it doesn't cost $250 to have the serivce either. Just a $10 overdraft protection transfer fee each time its used.

Mount Gilead, Ohio, United States #7160

I left BOA after 11 years and went to Wachovia. Haven't had a problem yet.

BOA kept charging me a $20 monthly checking account free when iwas supposed to have free checking!

$2640 in checking fees when I signed up for FREE CHECKING or so I was told. After several attempts to get this corrected I figured the best way to do this was just change banks.

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