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I paid my bill on time every month. The date was approximately the same day every month, and I had it in my Palm Pilot for a week prior to be sure it was paid on time.

Then one month they pushed the due date up FIVE DAYS, causing the due date to fall on the weekend. By the time I realized it was an earlier date (they require payment 2 days in advance of due date) it was too late. Interest rate shot to 29% and they weren't willing to do anything about it, clearly didn't care whether they kept my business or not.

The minimum payment indicated on future bills was inadequate to cover the finance charges which resulted in months of massive overlimit charges, just about killed me trying to get on top of this mess. STAY AWAY FROM BANK OF AMERICA!!

Review about: Bank Of America Credit Card.

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Sometimes I wonder how some you *** people manage to get out of the house without falling on a hole. Banking is clearly not for you if you can not figure out how to read a monthly bill.

Due date is clearly formatted for you at the top of the page. Maybe if you use cash your life will be a little simpler.


CliffsNotes revision to SKnight6461's CliffsNotes:

I am dumb and did not check my account like should have. Thus, I was late with a payment and thus, I am dumb.

And an ***. Did I mention dumb?


Cliff Notes version of Cliff Notes' comment: They reduced the billing period by 20% without warning thus my bill was late thus I got hit with finance charge


Cliff Notes version of the story - I paid my bill late and got hit with a finance charge.

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