Bank of America raised my interest rate from 11% to 28% because my account was a few dollars over the limit (due to their over the limit fee and short billing cycle) I called and talked with a service rep who removed the over the limit fee and restored my card back to the 11%. The following month when I made a $32.00 purchase,my rate shot up to 28% again.

I called Bank of America who informed me that by using my card I activated an interest rate increase. I was confused! I was never told about this policy to increase my rate because I used my card. Notations on my account confirmed that I was never told that by using my card I would be subject to a rate increase.

I was passed on to a higher up and that is where it got worse. The higher up put my complete balance of $10000.00 up to the higher interest rate,not just my new charge of $32.00. I always pay my bill ahead of time and was never late in paying. I requested that my account be closed and the customer DIS-service rep got cocky and insisted that he was requesting that the card be closed out.

For the record I requested the account to be closed. I pointed out that I was never informed of any rate increase which pissed him off so the customer rep put my complete balance at an interest rate of 21% (BIG SPORT!) I have written many letters to Bank of America only to get a form letter back which basically tells me to "get lost." Today I received a nasty letter from a customer care person in the Delaware office who put in writing that I better not send in any more requests to have my account put back to a lower rate and they will not correct the fact that I,the consumer requested that the account be closed.

She wrote,and I quote,"Bank of America WILL NOT consider or answer any more letters from you." That's nice considering that my high interest rate is bailing out this bank so rude,obnoxious employees can retain their jobs. I hate this bank and they should be sanctioned for fleecing their customers.

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Bank of America has been sued and class-action sued numerous times due to these very practices. It does not phase them. They just keep right on doing it.


Why don't you try dealing with RETARDED customers all day long and see how "rude and obnoxious" you become. I swear the general public is *** but Bank of America customers take it to another level.

I love it how people are so irresponsible with their own finances and then try and take out their frustrations on the financial institution that LENT them the money!! MORONS


I was just thinking quite often when they say these calls are monitored they very well might be recorded. I would get a lawyer to request any recordings of the call in question.


I would get a copy of your credit report to see what it actually says.Then I would start writing certified letters. If Bank of America won't correct the closing I would right the Federal Trade Commission- FTC and your local congress person.There is going to be credit card reform legislation so they can use this as more evidence that the credit card companies need REGULATING.

I might even considering taking legal action as well. I know someone who had trouble with a posting time on a phone payment and basically got the same treatment from their 1-800 no customer service line.

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