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I am devastated.I have been in my home 21 old lender wilshire approved me for home affordability dec.09. my loan was transferred to bac of bank of america.

they are not willing to accept mod agreement and raised my pymt to 998.60 on a ssi income of 674.00 a month. my original pymt was only 567.00. now my home appraised under 10,000.

when they took the loan i owed 70,000.00 now i owe 76,000.00 for a home worth 7,000.00. I have no way to save money as i have been permanantly disabled since 1987.I only (ever) will qualify for 674.00 thru ssi.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Loan.

Monetary Loss: $76.

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so I was approved in Dec. my mortgage was sold to BOA now I have to start over again after 7 monthes they are a joke and I'm seriously considering a law suit



Hang in there, I hope your able to or have gotten this worked out. I don't understand this site.

I have seen more insensitive posts than i can handle.

I thought this was a site for consumers to help each other navigate a system that's not always designed with the consumers best interests in mind. Boohoo is the loser - they took the time to respond to your post with such negative energy!


that was ttly uncalled for.I have 4 kids under 6 here. I do not receive welfare and if I could work I would.


your a loser, get a *** job or some *** roomates

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