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So I was told I had a late charge I said fine sent in a check for that charge but before I mailed the check out I wrote late fee for mortgage payment of Oct 2012 and they count it as a partial payment . I actually called and said hey I mailing in my late fee can you please make a note of that I would hate for it to be considered a partial payment yes they said sure no problem and that was the end of the conversation but guess what they did exactly what they said they would not do

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Mortgage.

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Did you seriously take the time to write that complaint? You wrote the wrong information on the billing statement, so of course it had the potential to be posted incorrectly.

And do you realize that BofA is one of the largest companies in the world and probably has billing centers all over the country so there is a strong possiblity what you tell some schmoe on the phone wont be done correctly. This isnt 1965 grandpa, the bill you send doesnt end up on someones desk. How about when you write a check, fill it out correctly. Maybe have Mabel check it for you.

Better yet, why dont you just pick up the cellular phone and call BofA to apply your funds to the late fee instead of partial. Even better, pay your bill on time.

Dont use the grace period of 2 weeks. Take responsibilty

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