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My mortgage balance on several occasions, after making a payment, went up instead of down, and on many other occasions my balance stayed stuck after several payments. My transaction history needs a total overhaul by the bank and a very good explanation on why this keeps occuring.

I wonder what my real balance is after all these months. I encourage others with a Bank of America loan to take a good look at their transaction histories. I have called the bank on this issue and they promised to provide an updated transaction history.

Can I trust this bank? I don't know anymore.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Mortgage.

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I have been a Bank of America customer for years and I monitor my accounts closely however,I checked my account online and also text Bal my acct which both gave me tbe same balance. I went into a branch and had funds transferred over to my business account via a live teller which looked into the account seen the funds and did the transfer this was on a Sat morning however, on Fri I transmitted funds from my business credit card machine which any transmission that is done on fri funds will not be available until Mon I was told by several Bank of America reps that the funds used was from my transfer of funds from my credit card machine and they took the funds that came through on Monday! I will follow up on this Bank of America your customers do not have $2000.00 to give to you dont you have enough money?

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