Edinburg, Texas
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My name is Onita Jeter i have been with Bank of America 15 years i have overdraft by 89 cent they charged me overdraft fee of $ 35.89 then ladie told me if its not payed in 5 days its another $35.00 i told young lady im leaving bank of America after all these years. Bank of America do not care about people who have account with them

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Account.

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Leave Bank of America.


SAME THING IS HAPPENING TO ME ExcEPT I HAD OVER 37.00 dollars balance on my balance and out of that i counted 12.00 service fee and 10.00 purchase i made. well since then they have changed my balance to 11.00 dollars a few days before it was 37.00 dollars, i dont see how they can play this numbers game and go back in time but of course they can.

if i had printed my balance on paper things would be different. so print your balance on paper to show your real balance if you can.