Payson, Arizona

i have been a bank of a B of A customer for over 10 years. Between my wife and i, and our small businesses we have 6 different accounts there.

All of them were "free", but over the last two years or so, and for no apparent reason, and quite randomly (You never know which account it will happen to next) we all of a sudden start getting charged a $12 "maintenance fee".

The first time we went down there (the local branch) after realizing by looking at our on line statement that this had been happening for 6 months on two of our accounts we were told that we would have received something in the mail informing us of the change. After i told the Banks employee that i thought that was pretty *** she admitted that it is folded in with a bunch of other useless info that nobody reads, and refunded our $ and offered to change our account to a real "free" one. i said i thought that would be a good idea, and a better one would have been to just let me keep my original "free" one. Obviously this is a ploy to bilk millions of customers out of $12 per month.

This has happened several times since then, and since i live in a town of 16,000 in the middle of BFE, everyone knows everyone, and now the bank employees don't even try to offer their employers BS story and just refund our $$.

All this makes me wonder what stops businesses from charging You more then once for purchases made with Your credit card or debit card.

Anyway, i think B of A sucks, but it is too much of a hassle to switch all these accounts over right now, so, we just plan on visiting the bank every couple of months to get unscrewed.

At least were free. There is more to tell, but i have to go to the airport and get groped by a big fat guy or get Benny and the Jets x rayed so i can fly, and don't have the time now.

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Bank of America has taken a twelve dollar service fee on my account? I have requested numerous times for the account to be closed and I have been very polite.

You have drained as much money as possible out of my account since I informed your bank of fraudulent fees and dispersals. No one will call me, I cannot get anyone on the phone, and now you have come up with a charge that in my entire 10 or so years with bank of America does not exist. Refund the money you have taken without my permission and without cause PLEASE. I will also be canceling Mary hamilton Worm's Bof A Account, Victoria Worm, Sarah Worm (who has already opted out) and need a representative to call me.

I will also be posting my transactions and correspondence with your Bank to the site Close my account and refund the fee's. Call me 360-275-3052. Stop stealing my money please!!!

All I want is out. I will be seeking a lawyer and was told to inform you of my intent. From the time I told you I needed a Lawyer, all fees will be your responsibility plus the cost of my time 36.00 dollars and hour.

Thanks (How would you feel if you were being constantly lied too and taken advantage of).


I, too, called out Bank of America on this scam. I was on a 6 month deployment...and upon return, realized my $25 balance was a negative $50 balance.

I was like wtf... Apparently, they sent a notice in the mail stating a policy change. Change being, if I didn't maintain a balance of $250 and had direct deposit set up....they would charge me $12 maintenance fee.

I called to dispute and close this account...agent informed me that because the balance is negative, they couldn't close the account and would accrew another fee next month.

I will never use BoA ever, again. I've, also, closed my credit card with them. Worst part about it, I never used that checking and lost $75.


Some of the responses here make me think B of A is spending these fees on having employees patrol these boards.

This stuff about 'paying for the service' from the bank is rubbish. Look at the fundamentals of banking: Banks need the cash from customers' checking and savings accounts. They use this money to make loans and earn interest. The banks got greedy, the interest is no longer enough income for them, so they started creating reasons to tax us er...i mean...charge fees.

Wouldn't it be great if you could borrow from B of A and charge them to do it? It's the same thing.

Excercise your economic rights. Close your accounts & go to another bank or credit union.


Look, an account is a service from the bank, the bank is working to save your money. I dont see why it should be free?

The reason of the fees is to pay them! Of course you have to pay for a service! There are ways to avoid those fees, and thos ways are just for example making direct deposits, keeping your balance above over "xxxxx" daily, etc.

It is our responsabiliy to be informed about what features of the bankwa are able to use in order to avoid fee.

This is just responsable banking for us!

The bank prefers that we use some services or ways to bank instead of payin monthly maintenance fees. Inform, ask them how to pay for your account by using banking features, and then you wont pay anything.


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If it took you sooooo long to realize you were being charged then it is your own fault and you don't deserve it back. Eventually they will stop giving it back. I'm sure there are other ways to have a free account.


Most banks are adding maintenance fees to all accounts now. However, a good chunk of them give you a combined amount of money to have in your accounts where you won't have to pay it.


Bank of America is no different from other banks. All they care about is what they could make from people.

They don't care about you or your home even if you have to live on the streets. My loan modification attorney was absolutely right; "he said banks don't care who you are, you are just an statistic". They don't care if you lose your home due to foreclosure. They get their money anyway from property mortgage insurance that you, the owner has been paying and they still get your house to sell and get more money.

The end results is they walk out with more money than people could imagine. What a strategy!

The propaganda about banks don't want to forecose your home is a "b$&&s$$t". Banks would rather foreclose your home because they can get more money.


It took you 6 MONTHS to realize you were being charged an extra fee? Dont you all know what I'm going to say next?


This reminds me of what I used to tell my employees: "you never have time to do it right the first time, but you seem to always have time to fix it when you mess it up."

Take the time and make the effort NOW to transfer your business to another bank.