Danville, Kentucky

I had my last chance to do anything with my Bank of America mortgage a couple days ago. When the circuit court judge gave me 10 days to move out.

My biggest reason for staying is that I was never told by Bank of America customer relations manager that my house was for sale! That's right, I was told to send paperwork in for a loan modification instead of trying to pay the balance that I owed. I was hesitant. I told them I would apply for a loan modification, as long as, I had time to make a decision.

I had been speaking with my customer relationship manager nearly every week. I spoke with them everyday when I received a sale date 10 days prior to sale. Even then, everyone I talked to at the bank, ensured me that there was no sale date on my house. My customer relationship manager even laughed at me and said "don't get mad, there is no sale date on your house."It was the day after my house sold that my customer relationship manager called and told me they were sorry.

The customer relationship manager told me that she was unaware of the laws in my state and that they did, in fact, sell my house and there was nothing I could do. Now after speaking with over 20 attorneys in Kentucky. I realize I stayed here in my house for nothing. I tried to fight but I could do anything.

I feel ***. My instinct was to pay them. I even sent money that they kept but did not apply it to the account. It was in another account and they were going to mail it back.

I tried the attorney general. Although he sent a letter to me and Bank of America requesting that they negotiate with me. They did not! As a matter of fact they kept trying to get me to just give up.

Now, I have to. I've been ordered to leave my house as of January 9th 2013. I have a trailer and loading up a family of 6. 4 kids, my fiancé and I are confused.

We didn't think that they would let this happen but they did. We can no longer fight. We are packing up tomorrow. I was never told by the bank that my house was for sale.

There was obviously a lack of communication. I don't know why. I hope that I can find a home. This is my worst time of the year as far as money goes.

I have $400 enough to store our belongings and then...I don't know what. Bank if America represtatives told me I would have time to make a decision. Time to sell my house, time to pay back what I owed and time to be prepared before a sale. I didn't get one day of notice.

I received paperwork from the courts but at that time there was nothing I could do (according to the "master commissioner" who is my attorney. Bank of America representatives told me there was no way my house was for sale. There was no "sale date" up until the day after sale. Legally they may have done the right thing (even though I don't believe they did) but my smart 9 year old who score 80% higher than most kids his age on state tests is supposed to learn right from wrong.

How can he when he sees my honesty and it has gotten me nowhere. I told him, it happens some honest people fall through the cracks. Especially when large companies are involved.

I wish I could keep my head up. I guess we will go to a hotel and stay there until I can afford an apartment or a place that's suitable for 6 people.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Loan Modification.

Monetary Loss: $25000.

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