Indianapolis, Indiana
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After losing my job, I was unable to keep up with mortgage payments (last payment made Mar. 2012) and went through many hoops with BofA to get permission for a short sale.

My mother became terminally ill and needed me to move to AZ to help her so the home has been vacant since June 2012. I got a buyer under the short sale who gave a fair offer, but of course BofA dragged their feet until I had to file bankruptcy. Then they refused to pay the lawyer $700.00 to release home from BK so buyer could purchase the property. I received a letter from BofA around dec.

2012 or Jan 2013 having me give permission to change locks and "winterize" property. In March 2013 a neighbor called to tell me someone had moved into the property. I called the police to say a "squatter" had moved into my vacant property. They investigated and said the tenant said they were renting the property from a Don Smith.

I told the police I never rented the property but he said there was nothing he could do unless I came back to Indianapolis and went to civil court to prove the property was mine. I called BofA and told them someone had moved in but they said there was nothing they could do since it was not yet foreclosed. I started receiving more complaints from the neighbors saying the tenants were destroying the property and stealing from other neighbors and that they called the city, police and BofA who said the property was in my name so nothing they could do. Today one of the neighbors had an argument with the "Squatter" about trash being thrown into the yard.

After much argument they gave the phone number of the person they are renting from as a Don Smith of Inter American Inspection services phone 888-480-0952. When I called him he claimed to have a signed letter from me giving him permission to manage the property.

NO SUCH LETTER WAS EVER SIGNED BY ME! He claims he is a trustee for BofA to move someone into the property to take care of it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Mortgage.

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