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I rented a car in Mexico with Budget and purchased their collision damage waiver. After an uneventful trip, the car broke down the last day of my trip. Budget then told me that I hit something on the road, consequently damaging the transmission, and charged me $5k+. After fighting with Budget (who wouldn't budge on the issue, refusing to explain why collision insurance didn't cover the collision with a rock and the transmission they accused me of), I thought I would still be alright because I had rented the car on my Bank of America credit card.

I called Bank of America and they told me that I had signed for all of the charges. However, the relevant documents had my forged signature dated 10 days after I left the country. After pointing that out to BoA and asking for relief, they informed me that they 'weren't signature experts' at the company. Consequently, I have been footing the bill.

I hate both Budget and Bank of America.

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