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I applied for a home loan modification back in January of 2014. After faxing, calling and more faxing I was denied 2 times.

I'm disabled and I have a teenage daughter. They refuse to use her social security as income ..Why? Taylor, Bean and Whitaker were my original mortgage company and they used my daughters social security. Bank of America has done nothing but lie, cheat and take OUR money!

THEY WILL NOT TAKE OUR HOME!! I have contacted as many people as possible and I will continue to do so until I get the results that I feel I deserve! The government bailed them out..l but what are they doing to their customers? I have the answers..

RIPPING THEM OFF AND STRESSING THEM OUT!! Their home loan modification program is a total fraud and a JOKE!! I can't go to another mortgage company because my credit is shot.. why?

because I have been struggling to pay my mortgage so I don't lose my home!! I think the government should take back ALL the money they issued to BOA to bail them out and give it to the customers who deserve it and NEED it!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Loan Modification.

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I am a class action attorney, please call me to discuss this issue. I represent people who are unabe to get loan modifications due to lenders losing documents, asking fro updated documents endlessly, and not completing loan reviews, increasing your default balance and penalties.

Denials are often incorrect based on bank errors.

See more at my website:

Norah Hart. Call 212-897-5865 or 917-539-6312


To Whom It May Concern:

This is a continual issue with Bank of America. The majority of our clients we assist are with Bank of America.

There are answers and there are ways to fight back. Please contact me directly and I will explain in detail what your options are and how you can fight back to get the help you deserve.

Tom Mullins

Foreclosure Defense Department


Torrance, California, United States #824610

I don't understand why people feel they're entitled to loan modifications. How about paying the amount you agreed to when you got the mortgage?

to Anonymous #965485

no *** right. just like the banks shouldn't receive a bail out for *** up.

Detroit, Michigan, United States #824185

"I think the government should take back ALL the money they issued to BOA to bail them out and give it to the customers who deserve it and NEED it!"

Seriously? Are you that ignorant of the facts??

Bank of America paid back the TARP money with millions in interest years ago, so there is no money that government can take back. And do you feel you deserve something for being behind on your mortgage? I feel back that you're in a tough spot, but taking it out on a lender because they are following very stringent rules out in place by our government agencies is ridiculous.

Your attitude and reaction to all of this is exactly what is destroying our country.

I hope you are able to get some help for your financial situation, but I wish you would stop putting the blame on everybody else for your problems.

Winter Park, Florida, United States #823802

I need internet because my daughter is in school and she has projects that need to be done ON THE INTERNET!!! It's basically the ONLY communication I have with the outside world!


You can not use your daughters ssn because she is a minor.By law they cannot make a contract with a minor.So you are mad because they will not break the law for you.If you really want to save your house go to legal aid and get a free lawyer but I know some people on disability who get so much they do not qualify to get that.Other than that all I can tell you is to cut back on everything.That means only have what you need to live.No cable,No internet,No cell phone or house phone,make meals from scratch.Have a rummage sale sell everything you do not need to stay alive.With all that extra money because if you do this you will be living within your means make that house payment.

to me Winter Park, Florida, United States #823798

I have cut back on as much as possible. I have NO home phone..

I need a cell phone because I'm disabled and I have a teenage daughter. Taylor, Bean and Whitaker used my daughters social security as income because she lives in this house and has expenses. I ONLY have ONE t.v. in our house.

I have cut back on as many expenses as possible. I even cancelled total coverage on my car because it's paid off. I had 2 of my animals put down. I only eat ONE meal a day!!

I only travel to where I desperately need to go. I had brain surgery and I also have MS.. I have gone without my medication just to pay my mortgage. SO ..



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