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I went to the local bank at Kent east hill branch on a Saturday 11/19/16. First all there were only 2 tellers so you can imagine the line out the door.

I needed a cashiers check so I pre-completed all the info prior on a piece of paper from home my teller decided to make the cashiers check with some of my info and said I could just write in the rest of the info I thought how rude! I insisted I could not submit the cashiers check with partial info so she had to do it all over again which made her even mad-Er!

After waiting in a long line then getting a rude teller makes me want to transfer my business! I'm not sure if Bank of America is having "cut-backs" but they really need to get it together!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Bank Teller.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Bank of America has not "had it together" for quite a while. Years ago, and less than one month after I opened an account, they deposited money into the wrong account, then turned around and charged me a $29 transfer fee when they discovered their error, causing my account to be overdrawn and multiple checks to bounce. The last straw came when they refused to cash my payroll check, claiming my account was "flagged", when it actually was in good standing.