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Bank of America doesn't tell you when you sign up for bill pay that they

also pay bills through their corporate office. They debit your account

for the bill immediatly but don't send the corp check for 2 to 3 weeks so

they can make interest on your money between the time they debit your account and send the check to the Payee. The payment also shows cleared on your bank statement. This procedure they use caused me to lose my business P.O. Box which I had had for 7 yrs because the payment I made on 7/15/10 showed cleared on my bank statement. The post office insisted they had not cashed it and by the time I found out what happened , the post office box was closed and sold to someone else. Be careful. When you pull up the details of the corp payment, there is no copy of a check or ck number, just that it was paid.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Account.

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I recieve e-mail's from BANK OF AMERICA almost daily.The onlyest problem i have with BANK OF AMERICA is,I do not have an account with them.Nor do i ever plan on having an account with them.I wish them would stop sending me e-mail's,Because i cannot stand BANK OF AMERICA and would never do any type of business with them.Beware of BANK OF AMERICA.


I recently came across similar issue with BOA. My account said the bill was paid in the form of a check to my property owner.

After 10 days I got a notice saying I did not pay my rent. When I called BOA bill pay, they said they can't help as there is no way for them to make sure that the payment was received by the payee. By this time my property did not accept personal check and I have to run around and get a money order /cashier check from a Bank. Now BOA wanted charge me 10 dollars to issue that.

Anyway, I am not going to use bill pay any more. May be I will change my bank itself.




I use bill pay at B of A, and it has been going fairly smooth until now. I was looking at my account and noticed a debit on my account ($62.) to an old Verizon wireless account.

Called B of A to report this, and because this was set up on bill pay many years ago, and the debit was paid through bill pay, that there was nothing they can do… The debit was from an account that was closed 1 1/2 yrs ago!. I was on the ph for hours and BofA was not willing to reverse charges.

I have been a customer for over 25 years... and this is the way they treat their long time customer!!


Whoever posted this is a complete fool. Bank of America doesn't debit your account until the date the check is supposed to be received by the payee.

This has been their policy for at least a full year. Original poster doesn't have a clue.

@Matt Fort Myers

That's BS reply..! I use Bank of America bill pay and then debit you account before the payment is received on the other end.

As we speak it is Friday , my bill pay debited my account showing processing and my chase account is not reflecting any payment revevied period..! It's not BOA policy to debit account after payment received on other side, that's pure BS...!


Yup..I hear ya. That's why I switched to Wachovia and their online banking.

Big difference. They do not deduct you payment until the day after your actual due date.

Regions bank also is like Bank Of America.

They deduct your payment when you send it..not when it's actually due. I had so many overdraft fees!


Bank of America online bill pay debits your account before payment received by recipient. I have used BoA bill pay for 10 years,I know it. The bank uses your Free money float during the time you initiate the bill payment until paying the recipient , it's how they make money..!