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I opened a account on April/1/2018 it was a business traveling account visa credit card under the name Keith luvoyrd Griffin as a returning member to bank of America an was offered a 150 deposit to my account I contacted the consumers federal protection burue about this matter I allready been a victim of identity theft and credit card victim of identity theft I open my first account with Bank of America in the year of 1995 and I had a business marketing account and also was the federal trade commission check system of bank deposit person checks I graduated from law school 1988 and Jay truck driving school writing exam's 4 weeks before driving the truck and drafting school 2 years class on my checks to my bank account I had ordered my special checks with a blue print on back grand a police officer dress in uniform a 18 wheeler truck and a house and I never received the checks I had also that year had my birth certificate and law degree stolen from the city hall unemployment office file cabinet applying for welfargo brinks lumus and airbus money truck delivery and also I applied for TSA airport security and McDonald Douglas and my social security card my Medicare card stolen also I found out that someone was getting a car and house in my name in Miami Florida on my account I never received my checks also I applied for a loan and also I was approved for a student loan an had a zelle account going thru bank of America in April 2018 I found out thru the fasafa grant that my last four digits of my social security number was changed to 9502 and I had my student loan going to my account I never received and then I found out it was a 5 thousand some odd dollars approval of my student loan in April 2018 and the it was 600 dollars left and in may I contact Barbra burnett about this matter and in may it was a another 5 thousand some odd dollars to my student loan I had received my fasafa grant papers to correct my last for digits is 9500 not 9502 an also I was supposed to receive my American express credit card in 1996 and then I receive a letter from the American express credit card company what privacy name security privacy name on my account I said I want it to be I said AVIOR BITT AND MY FULL NAME IS KEITH LUVOYRD GRIFFIN MY OLD ADDRESS IN APRIL 2018 WAS 4490 WPINE BLVD APT 514 ST.LOUIS MO 63108 AND MY NEW ADDRESS IS P.O.BOX 5113 ST.LOUIS MO 63115 AND THEN I ALSO HAD MY AMERICAN HOPE RESOURCES HARDSHIP ASSISTANT IT WAS 8 THOUSAND SOME OLD DOLLARS I WAS APPROVED THEN ALSO I WAS APPROVED FOR A CAR LOAN APPROVAL GOING THRU AMERICAN HOPE RESOURCES IN THE AMOUNT 40 THOUSAND DOLLARS THEN I WAS APPROVED FOR A HOME ASSISTANCE GRANT I NEVER RECIEVED GOING TO BANK OF AMERICA I WAS STAYING IN THE YEAR OF 1996 AT 4136 ENRIGHT ST.LOUIS MO 63108 WHEN I OPENED THE ACCOUNT AND THEN I was elligally evicted in 6/31/2018 I was staying at 4490 Wpine Blvd apt 514 st.louis Mo 63108 from Nov 15/2018 to 6/31/2018 never missed a payment plus I also had my lawsuit documents of my civil lawsuit from Kansas city Mo an Jefferson city Mo civil court federal field settlement field agent direct deposit set up to my account also I received that my case was closed in April 2018 I ask in January 2018 was there going to transfer my case to JFK courts as it says in the cereal rules of courts and let me no when they case was going there a i would like special witness expert to put me up for court in a hotel for protection after I had to move I am in a all men boarding home were I was at in 2004 this address is not for from Wpine address it is 4432 west Belle place st.louis Mo 63108 I have a 5113 st.louis Mo 63115 and also I have AARP insurance an triple AAA insurance I never said my name was kevin Griffin it was a Kevin staying hear at 4432 west Belle place st.louis Mo 63108 Kevin Wilson alias name an in 11/1/2015 I sent in my 8862 tax form of change of address and also my 1099oid identity theft tax form they audit me from 1993 to 2001 said yes you was correct I am a victim of identity theft and I have got 3 pin number different years they found out that my employee id and name an date of birth and social security number was used fraudulently also in 1993 my CPR I'd I got from pbs law was stolen my ccw to carry a fire armcwas stolen in 1990 also do you no that also my Jay truck driving test score passed was stolen in 1996 my d.o.t login delivery route book was stolen 1996 my small ten commandment and the pbs names of all the graduates from 1988 and before hand book was stolen1996 and also in January 2018 it was a fraud 1099 OID name of Keith k g Griffin saying they stayed at 4490 Wpine Blvd apt 514 st.louis Mo 63108 witch the IRS new allready in janaury 2018 when I was contacting the office of inspector general of Mo the FTC BBB ocsa NASA symtec infotrac void platform surge platform identity theft registry Microsoft identity theft registry all credit buried fraud division of investigations the federal department of affairs the consumers federal protection burue I never received a call from witness experts and I write a letter to Tom wheeler the commissioner of police this year 2018 /9 an I also been contacted him in Tom wheeler in 2004 about this matter of identity theft an my lawsuit and also I contacted the qeustlab fraud division and also the clarity report and the Lexus Nexus report of complaint of I am a victim of identity theft I had also contact the charter if commerce and federal division of insurance commission charter of chambers and national addition investigation commission also contacted Medicaid and Medicare fraud division investigation and the credit burue new in 2015/2016/2017/2018 new I sent in my 8862 change of address and all the government office no that cause I sent copy to them of this matter and had process this documents to the proper authorities and contacted the DMV fraud division and also contacted the police of break in to my apt 4490 Wpine Blvd apt 514 st.louis Mo 63108 about stolen documents an banks cards an I had this issue on a case of on going identity theft I also contacted the banks exchange commission of identity theft and astortion of funds from my account and stolen person documents and IDs my cell phone number is 314-376-1604

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