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I have had a garnishment issued against my bank account Bank of America from Capital One and when you call Bank of America to try to find anything out they don't connect you to there levy department, Bank of America transfers you to the person that issued the garnishment so I wanted to give everyone the SECRET NUMBER TO BANK OF AMERICA'S LEVY DEPARTMENT so that maybe you want have to go throught the *** I have and that number is 954-473-7710 this is where you can find out what is going on open's at 10:00AM

Monetary Loss: $1295.

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For those on the west coast. Their phone number for the Los Angeles Levies & Attachments office is 800-283-4262 or 213-580-0702.

I tried to call them via the customer service main number and they refused to give me a number or let me talk with them. He said they don't take incoming calls... wrong. I finally got someone at the subpeona office to give me the 213 number.

And I got the 800 number on a letter I received. Both numbers seem to work. Good Luck!

The IRS supposedly faxed my "release" paperwork 3 times and B of A still has not received it. :-(


New number for BOA legal department -



Thanks for the number. I had it when they actually had the right to put a levy on my account but lost it.

This time around they made a mistake by processing a duplicate levy and is acting like it's not their responsibility to investigate if they've actually made a mistake. I'm actually a pretty good consumer that's has fallen on hard times so while I didn't fuss about the first levy even though it stopped me from being able to provide for my family, I'm definitely fussing about this one (mainly because of the horrible customer service).


why not just shoot the sob, that would solve the issue


:upset yup, VA bens are exempt from garnishment. I thought but those sneeky racals will take your dead great-great-great-great granpa's benefits.




I believe this is a scam by BofA to recoup profits being made by other fees they can no longer charge. $100 to reply to a form???

Seriously?! It has nothing to do with paying your bills nor being a dead beat like the BofA representatives posted here; it is all to do with big business continuing to rack in billion dollar profits. Please join the 'BofA Levy Fee Standupprotest' facebook page.

Additional info can be found there. :(


THank you :)


I pay my bills you can't help when banks lie, and steal...I bet you wouldn't say that if you wasn't hiding behind your computer...




This is what happens when you are a deadbeat


MightyB, shut up and get a life.

Thanks for this number.


I'm sorry people are so mean here; I just want to say thanks for posting this.



seriously! retarded!


Hey ***, how about take care of your debts and you will never have to deal with a levy or garnishment. Maybe you can use the money to take some spelling classes.


You're such an ***. If your life is so great & perfect stay out of this conversation and keep it moving!!!