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Family hardships recently drove us to ask BofA about mortage programs available. Of course we could never get an answer after almost 8 months.

Their service is the worst. They did respond indirectly however; by taking our open line of credit account and closing it telling us our house wasn't worth what we owed...Duh! Bear in mind we put down $100,000 for our home. Then they took our credit card and decided instead of 6.4% it should be 13.99% if we continued to use it.

We stopped using the card. Please bear in mind we have been a good customer of theirs for many years and have NEVER made a late payment on any account. My goal is to pay off the credit card, and at some point refinance the mortgage (I suppose I could walk away from the house to screw them). I am now in the process of taking my retirement account out of Merrill Lynch (a subsidiary of BofA) with about 100k balnace and opening an acocunt with someone else.

I don't understand how they get help from the government (TARP) and we get nothing in return.

BofA is a bunch of crooks who belong in jail.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Credit Card.

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All Banks only care about your money. That is why they are in business.

The people who work at a bank try to have good PR and most are good people who need a job. We all have worked in unpolite situations.Banks are unpolite polices to work.

If we think financial institutions practice humility or care no wonder we are hurting. Banks are like politicians-they have forked tongues.