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bofa closed my checking accounts, risk management said that they reserve the right to close an account when ever they want I was pissed but I accepted it. now bofa is keeping th 30.99 which was in my account becuse of the research they did when closing my account.

the person I talked to said they normally charge 60 for 2 hours of research. How can they possible charge me for this. They could close checkig accounts all the time for the 60 dollars they could charge. Is that allowed?

who can i call who do I talk to? or do i just accept this?

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Checking Account.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Same thing happened to me, I opened an account with them and a month later I got a letter telling me they are closing my account. I had $70.00 in the account and they sent me a check for only $10.00 and claimed they took $60.00 out of my account for research purposes. Then told me to look at the very small print in the contract that gives them permission to do this whenever they seem fit but written in a way that is very unnoticeable as its basically just saying we can take money out of your account at any time for any reason cause we are thieves and we will call it research!!!


its really the bank of italy. they changed their name years ago.

why...you guess why. do business with a credit union in your area.


They are closing my account that was approved 2 days ago and they just took my $40 away...wtf BOA jesus Christ


You should sue these guys if they really did that. Why didn't they research before they let you open an account? This is a form of a scam if they are really doing this.


This mf'ers are in the process of closing my account as well. Had the account for 19 years and they say my account was a risk.

Fine, no problem--I'll keep everything in the Credit Union. Lower fees, anyway--OK, so now, they have accepted by direct deposits (as tey take a week or two to cancel) and still have not processed the $4.000 check for the money I had in my account. We are useless to them--our little bit of money means nothing to them.

In the meantime, they are collecting interest on my $4000 instead of sending it to me. Bastards!!!