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Bank of America charged me for overdraft items AFTER they credited my cash deposit! When I complained, they CHANGED the date of the charge to the day AFTER they overdraft charge!!!

This is fraud !!!!The Customer Service person with whom I spoke totally denied what they did and someone called me to ask if I still wanted to talk about the question, however, no response to my question.

The person who returned my call acted as if he had no information about my complaint. Bank of America does not accept e-mail or telephone complaints, they only accept written complaints.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Checking Account.

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I was charged a monthly fee on my credit card which in turn put it over the limit and they chrged me a over draft fee and kept doing it. I complained and they say sorry nothing we can do.

Well I can I have not made a payment in 12 months.

Economy screwed my credit already. I will settle later with lower bill.

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