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Bank of America charged me overdraft fees for charges that hadn't posted to my acount. I was charged Five overdraft fees when once everything posted I was negative (without the fees) of $13.12 I was charged 175.00 for this. Here are the actual dates and amounts and my balance at the time. I did remove the name of the merchants.


FOR ACTIVITY OF 09-... -$35.00 $165.88


FOR ACTIVITY OF 09-... -$35.00 $200.88

09/23/2009 DEPOSIT

. $354.00 $235.88

Statement Period as of 09/23/2009

09/22/2009 Check 146: -$10.00 -$118.12

09/22/2009 CHECKCARD -$17.13 -$108.12


FOR ACTIVITY OF 09-... -$35.00 -$90.99


FOR ACTIVITY OF 09-... -$35.00 -$55.99


FOR ACTIVITY OF 09-... -$35.00 -$20.99

09/21/2009 CHECKCARD -$2.02 $14.01

09/21/2009 CHECKCARD -$4.87 $16.03

09/21/2009 CHECKCARD -$5.00 $20.90

09/21/2009 -$6.82 $25.90

09/21/2009 CHECKCARD -$8.40 $32.72

09/21/2009 Check 145: -$13.00 $41.12

09/21/2009 CHECKCARD -$13.03 $54.12

As you can see I still had a positive balance of $14.01 when the first 3 fees were billed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Checking Account.

Monetary Loss: $175.

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I was charged incorrectly for an item. It was shown as processing along with another transaction I had planned for. BOA said that they couldn't do anything with a processing transaction, even though I gave them a heads up to my situation. I explained that the charge was in error. They told me to contact the merchant.

So i would have to wait for the transaction to process so they could slam me with an overdraft fee.

I got 2 overdraft fees. The transaction that was done in error by my insurance company processed first (over 200) and a $15 payment both incurred $70 in fees.

I think I know why I don't use BOA as my primary and have CHASE.

BOA is being closed first thing.They are crooks. I don't see how minimum wage in Florida is $7.31 before taxes yet BOA charges $35 per RETURNED ELECTRONIC (no people involved) transaction!


*** Bank of America, I will not help them pay back the loan we gave them,,,,Im closing my account TODAY!


BoA just got me too.

I had $177 in my account sunday morning and had to rush my dog to the emergency vet. The bill was $240 and I used my debit card to pay. I was in a pinch, I knew I was going to get hit with a $35 fee but I had to do it.

Well two days later I look at my check account and they have transactions that happened one two and three days before this charge listed first.

They haven't whacked me with the fines yet but I'm now looking at $245 in fees for seven transactions, 6 of which I should not be charged for. I'm going to the bank in an hour to clear up the over draft in my account and throw myself to the mercy of the branch manager. Should be interesting!


Bank of America Is out of control!!!!!I made 2 purchases and overdrew by 8 dollars and 50 cents they hit me for 70 bucks and gave me 5 days to pay the overdraft then they hit me for another 35 dollars for being 5 days overdrawn my direct deposit posted the following day after the 5th day I was out 105.00 for 8.50


Same thing here...I swear they have to hold payments until they know you don't have enough to cover. It always seems everything pending FINALLY posts only after you make a deposit.

They always blame the merchant, employer, or account holder.

If you haven't noticed they say the exact thing when you call and complain..that means they have a speical page of instructions for the CSR to read from for overdraft fees. Isn't BofA the same bank or one of many that were caught charging overdraft fees before posting deposits as federal law dictates.



That exact same thing happened to me. Friday night around 11pm before i went to sleep I checked my bank account and it said I had $35 or something around there so i transferred $20 dollars to my friend because I owed him and saturday morning when I woke up there were 2 overdraft fee that were taken out.

I was confused and I finally called the bank on tuesday. They were quoting me my balance on a Friday, which was not the balance I had and all kind of falsified information and the gentlemen on the phone who wasn't so gentle asked me was I trying to say they bank was switching my numbers and I said well thats whats happened and he got sooo angry.but the numbers they were quoting me were not the number i saw I HATE HTIS BANK.


Who banks at Marine Federal Credit Union in Jacksonville, NC? That is a Scam Bank and anyone that has an account with them you will get screwed.

So BEWARE they open savings,checking,and credit cards account with out you knowing. When you try to close an account they will reopen it and charge fees.

Anyone that has the same thing happen to them share on here or even something different happen to you. :( :(


The same thing happen to me this month. I deposited money in my account early in the morning.

BOA charged me 2 $35.00 fees one showed as pending and one was automaticly taken out of my account.

On their website it say one time transfer is automatic. The one fee they took out they waited 5 days.


:( This happened to us today!! We have had a positive balance all along, but since Monday they have charged us 16 NSF fees!!!!!!

We did transfer $150 from another BOA account to give us a buffer, but apparently transfers don't post immediately, which makes absolutely no sense to me. Oh wait, that's right, it's beneficial to BOA if it DOESN'T post immediately.

We have worked the numbers every which way they can be worked, and the most NSF we could come up with were 4. I AM LIVID!!!!


They do the same thing to us. When my husbands check went in on Friday morning should of had 11.04 and they moved around 2 charges from Friday morning to look like they came through before the deposit and tacked on 70.00 in fees on a positive balance of 389.00. It's ridiculous i'm changing banks as soon as possible.