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they just did the same thing to me this week I deposit a few checks I was saving for 2 months totaled around 4000$ they put everything on hold except 400$ out of the approximate 4000$ then they closed my account 3 days later and they said they don't even know why my account is being closed they transferred me to another line I asked to be on a non recorded call guy tells me this bank is *** don't make a new account here they steal your money on...
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My wife went in today to deposit two large checks. She now wants to change banks, she said the clerk was rude, and inefficient. She didn't handle the saving deposit properly and said to my wife well you didn't tell me where you wanted the money put, then asked her why she didn't use the teller machine for the deposits. Both were very large deposits and she was nervous about using the machine and part of the deposit was cash. If this is the way...
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We received a check from our insurance company for Home Hail Damage. We had to send the check to Bank Of America for their signature so we could deposit it to our account. The Bank sent the check back to us because they wanted us to include the repair bid, the Contractor's W9, license, etc. We got all the requested documents, stapled these to the check and overnighted them to the bank. A month later, no sign of the check. We called Bank Of...
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I didn't like
  • Slow at processing documents
  • Poor attitude
  • Uncaring