Boston, Massachusetts
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I asked for a checking account where it wasnt possible to acquire overdraft fees. What i got was a checking account where if someone goes in to take money out its denied and i am charged $35 dollars then if the request is returned i get charged another $35.

I am disabled and after working my whole lige i get a whopping $938.00 once a month to live on and it is direct deposited into my bank of america account. Last month my overdraft fees on my no overdraft account came to $300?????

Bank of america did not pay any requests but charged me $35 everytime a request for money was put in and $35 dollars everytime the request was retracted to me that is stealing. I wouldnt care if they had paid the money then charged me the overdraft fee but they didnt cover anything.instead they stole $300 from my account.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Checking Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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You spent money you didn't have.

You blame the bank for your over spending.

They don't honor the items, which would put you even more negative.

You complain that you owe money you can't afford while complaining they didn't pay the items thus causing you even more money.

You state they stole money but do not call police.

You are ***...just admit it and move on!


1. Stop using a debit card.

Write checks or use a credit card

2. Get an account, checking and savings, at a local credit union.

Not a bank! Good luck.