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I took a couple of checks to the bank I've done business with for years and wanted to cash them. They were not large checks.

The checks were made out to my wife and myself. My wife signed the checks and I went in to cash them. I also signed the check at the bank on the back. I've done this many many times over the years with no problems.

One check was a US Treasure refund check for about $150. Anyway, the cashier refused to cash the government check but would cash non-government checks. She said the banks policy is to not cash a refund check from the US Treasure unless both my wife and me are there in person to sign it. They had no problem cashing the non-government check.

She says I can deposit it and then they will cash it...hmmm more paper work. I talked to the bank manager and she also said it was bank policy because sometimes people sign the name of the other person on the check without their consent and it causes problems. Why is the policy not for all checks? Why only governemnt checks?

Is the governemnt money considered risky? Why did Bank America take bail out money if they consider government money questionable? The banks mistrust of me, their customer, makes me not trust them.

They should be broken down into smaller banks in my opinion. I don't like the too big to fail policy and rewarding banks for failure.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Checking Account.

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Frankly I'm surprised they take any checks like the ones you described. You're correct that you could just as easily have forged her signature on all of them. I suppose it's because a government check could be recalled if there were a tax audit, or if you and your wife divorced she could demand half of that money from you more easily than she could with some random check a person wrote the two of you.

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