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Bank of America closed my account and took all my money $7400 for no reason.First they told me i was overdrawn $88000 and gave me a number to call. All they can tell me is they have the right to choose whom they want as customers and they can not tell me why they have closed my account. They told me it would take about a month for me to recover my money.

The same week my account was closed! I was in the process of buying my first home. i needed the money for my down payment. I had made an offer on the house of my dreams and LOST it because of BANK OF AMERICA decided to close my account for no apparent reason at all!!!

There is something going on with Bank of America that is not right i hope this does not happen to anybody.This was the worst thing that has happened to me bank of america should be checked out thanks

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Account.

Monetary Loss: $7400.

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Bankbog America just niggard me last month for 1,400.00$ and some odd dollars. They sent me a monthly statement that said 1,400.00$ in account closing fees.

Which just so happens to be my balance at time of closing . I never opted to have my account closed. The bank has yet to provide me with any explanation whatsoever or any reason why they closed my account or how I can get my money back. I assume they are attempting to steal my money.

When I tried to withdraw money at the ATM prior to this happening thats when I was first informed my account was inactive.

Some democracy this really is. This would lead to somebody BeIng in big trouble with the law if it were the other way around .what we need to do is find a firm to represent all of us whom this has happened to and file a class action tort lawsuit against this BOA BS!!;


Other than race and sex, a bank unfortunately can close any of your accounts it wishes without reason. Just happened to our business account after 10 years with them.

They won't even say why. Never a bounced check or error on our part. They just decided they didn't want us anymore.

Oh well. Bye bye BoA.


Does anyone know how to proceed when this happen? It happened to mee too!

It was 20years ago when i went to study as a intership student!

I went to the bank few times before leave the country and they told me they closed for inactivity and i never see my $2,000.00 anymore! BOA disappeared with all.


In 2001 I had river $20,000.00 stolen by my banker an employee of Bank of America in DallS Oregon and I was incarcerated when I gift out I went there demanded pictures of all ATM transactions and videos OMG large amounts if money withdrawn on what they called a counter withdrawal and another very large transaction I didn't do called a tele transfer I was told I had no business there as my accounts were closed fir insufficient funds and they told me when I demanded copies of statements and that branches ATM videos sir pictures that that ATM didn't have a camera sir videos and basically told me to leave the bank! This bank shut down and is no longer in business and I believe the bank manager who opened my accounts did the illegal activities and theft of my money as I told him my husband handled all money and I knew nothing about banking he opened 2accounts with $40,000.00 total and had me sign a temporary check that didn't even have my name or address on out and said it has my account number it's in case one if my accounts gets too low and then he can user that check fir $500.00 to transfer to the other account!

All this money was my settlement for my share asked for from my house and husband settlement! I went to police station but they said I need to file on each transaction with proof that it was not me and I had no money to pay fir the statements they Saudi I would need fir 3 months BofA said cost is $7.00 per page I had no money they stole it all! I went to another city BofA explained out all n was told to hire an attorney to which no Attorney would do without large down payment! I'm on ask now since 2006 and on housing and still keep hoping there's something I can do!

I have put SD and trust problems dye to this theft of river $20,000.00 and that local jail in Dallas Oregon said they can provide me with dates I was incarcerated at that time! I am nit a criminal my incarceration was the only time that happened! If anyone can help me please let me know!

I'm now 61 and have a daughter with a terminal illness and 4 grand children I help take care of! Thank you Diann Coleman done dirty in Dallas Oregin by BofA


I quarreled with some female employee at Bank of America about why an error kept occuring when I attempted to open a new account online, then that *** closed my existing account with some 300 US dollars.


I quarreled with some female employee at Bank of America about why an error kept occuring when I attempted to open a new account online, then that *** closed my existing account with some 300 US dollars.


After opening an account online, having it closed by BOA 1 week later, reopening it at a local branch, I deposited $250k. One week later they have closed my account without notice and are telling me I can't get my money for A MONTH. ANAHEIM CALIFORNIA 10-4-2018


BOA just did the exact same thing to me saying that they can decide who to have as a customer and who not to have as a customer. They closed my account twice, saying that the first time I needed to go into a branch to verify who I was and the second not giving me a reason period.


I deposited a $6000 check , they closed my account and have no clue where the money is. I’ve never seen anything like this


It happened to mee too! It was 20years ago when i went to study as a intership student!

I went to the bank few times before leave the country and they told me they closed for inactivity and i never see my $2,000.00 anymore! BOA disappeared with all.


Happened to us too. Only $155 but the principal is it could have been way worse and BOA wouldn’t have done a damn thing to help.

Someone opened an account in my wife’s name. Got a loan on the account and had an auto payment taken from it. Well we found out went to the branch we’re told it was clearly fraud. The account was frozen and things looked ok.

A month later we had money stolen from OUR account to repay the fraudulent one. Now I’m pissed..Over 90 days later we still have not gotten any answers to why this was even done in the first place. Been to the branch 3 times. Nothing.

On the phone Nothing. Even got a n account statement the other day with my wife’s name and the fraudelant person and name on it together like this was a normal joint account. It WASNT IT WAS FRAUD. Period.

Do NOT let BOA be trusted with your money . They will NOT help you they will NOT protect you.

***.. they won’t believe you


I have the same situation yesterday!

firstly, I have been with BOA more than 10 years, good credit, never had any problem with them.

I have saving for .13K, checking for abt 4K..they closed my account with any notice.

what if I really need the money???

it's good , I saved some money in aonther bank. Otherwise, I will have no money to pay bills...

I believe all the comment here are helpful for people looking for a bank to open.

NEVER . CHOOSE . Bank of America.

there is a comment said " I have with them more than 10 years, had no problem. " I would say that yesterday! I had business trip today, and trying to use my debit card for food. My card got decliend, and I received 3 emails says my balance is below 25..

I thought BOA has a problem with their system, then I called like everyone else> same answer, it's based on their business decision. PLEASE IF YOU ARE BANKING WITH THEM NOW, YOU SHOULD DECIDED TO LEAVE IT, TAKE ALL MONEHY OUT BEFORE THEY HOLDING YOUR MONEY.

now im waiting how long they take to send me my money back. Im a loyalty customer with them for more than 10 years....don't end up like me


they just did the same thing to me this week I deposit a few checks I was saving for 2 months totaled around 4000$ they put everything on hold except 400$ out of the approximate 4000$ then they closed my account 3 days later and they said they don't even know why my account is being closed they transferred me to another line I asked to be on a non recorded call guy tells me this bank is *** don't make a new account here they steal your money on a side note my payments for matninence were scheduled for the 17th of every month they charge me on the 6th and 13th which is early by days and put my account into over withdrawl and told me I had to pay 35$ fee for each over withdrawl only thing they told me is that their doing it because I'm at risk what am I at risk of having money these *** banks are why we'll always be poor as soon as you start to have some money they steal it *** YOU BANK OF AMERICA I should *** sue you dirty ***


Something similar happen to me .

Less money but same ***.


BofA did same to my sister! Back in 2010 they closed her account,no warning.

When she called customer service they told her her account was being closed for inactivity, and it was non-negotable. They snail-mailed her money from account to the wrong adress two times before geting it right the third time-two months after closing her account. She went to anouther bank to open new account, and guess what-SHE IS ON CHECK SYSTEMS,REPORTED BY BOFA-ACCOUNT THEY REPORTED HER FOR IS SAME ACCOUNT THEY CLOSED FOR INACTIVITY. She contacted bofa who told her-her account was cllosed because a bad check from anouther bofa personal account ea was deposited in her account and they reported her to cs for that too.

WTF-she never had any other personal checking account with bofa-never.

how could she deposit a bad check from an account she never had? then bofa claims she opened this other account-no she did not-and they claim they have a signature card for this other acount-but they are wuthholding this said card from her-WTF BOFA/


The same thing just happened to us! The exact same thing. We've had an account with BOA for years, and have saved over 200,000 so that we can afford a new home. We contacted their loan dept. got pre-approved, made an offer on a home and the next thing we knew our account was closed. We were given an 800# to call and the only thing we could do was leave our name & number. This was done on a Friday so that we couldn't do anything until Monday. We didn't sleep all weekend, and come Monday morning were at our local BOA talking to the bank manager that has no idea where our money went. She said all it would tell her is that our account was closed internally with no explanation. We should receive a certified check in the mail returning our money within 24 hours she said. WE'RE STILL WAITING!!!!!! Now we have to hire an attorney to try and get our money back. We lost the house because all of our money disappeared. Why is our govt. allowing this to continue? We've contacted the FDIC and still haven't gotten anyone to call us back!

Here is my suggestion, if you just have money sitting in their bank because it makes yo

u feel secure.......GET IT OUT NOW!!!! They are crooks, we never had an overdraft, not once, we made sure that we had little transactions coming out of the account so that it didn't sit dormant for too long. The bank manager and the district manager have no idea why they took our money, nor where it's at.



Then when u call one person says its ok, your check will clear in a few days, then instead of it clearing they close your account. I have never been so confused and let down by anyone or anything ever.

Do they realize that people put their trust in them to hold their money and then just to have them close your account for no reason and keep your money can really hurt people and cause devistating effects? I don't get it, why did they even allow me to open an account if they just decide to change their mind later when I did nothing wrong. There was money in the account, it wasn't overdrawn I just don't get it.

Just wanted to vent, when my husband cheated on me with my best friend, I didn't feel this betrayed . jk..kind of


I just don't see how they can just close accounts that have money in them. They are so


This just happened me too and I called to ask when I will be able to get my money back and they told me 30 days I went straight to the branch and spoke to a manager who got an authorization and let me withdraw 1000 to at least cover some bills now I am waiting for the cashiers check to get her...


my checking account was closed and i called 877-240-6886 to find out the reason why and CSR could not provided me with a reason.

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