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My complaint deals with recent activity that has put me in a bad position where I am paying interest for something beyond my control. On my Visa, while I never got the statement I was waiting to pay, when something finally got to my home, it was showing late payment with fee attached. I angrily called and a Rep who told me to pay by phone. I gave him all my information including all of my account numbers at the bottom of my checks. He left out the "zero" preceding the rest of the nine numbers on my account. The result, my balance payment was returned for lack of a valid account information. I only found this out by opening an online account to view my balance due which hadn't changed at all. Instead lf going away, it grew in size with "punishment" added for my lateness.

I called a second Rep on a later date who found the error and told me that omitting the "0" would make no difference, the account was in error "period". I asked to speak to her manager and the manager refused to talk to me. WHY?

I need help from a competent well trained manager who can repair the damage. Ralph De Soto (909) 931-2418

In short, if a substitute letter carrier during the days around a holiday delivers my statement to the wrong address and it is mistakenly opened then discarded, I will be waiting for it to arrive and it never will. If the Rep I have been asked to speak to for telephone transfers fails to include every single digit on my account on the transfer, it comes back to my checking which causes more punishing interest to be charged to me. Then, I call the credit card Rep who flounders around with words not knowing what to do and tells me that it does not make a difference if the beginning "zero" on my checking account is omitted. Doesn't the computer count the number of digits on an account number?

Since all of this was caused by employee negligence and incompetency, shouldn't I be able to recover all the interest charged to me through no fault of my own?

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Credit Card.

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I been screwed by bank of american, and now I got an attorney agaisnt collecting the debt, I paid the overdraft and they open a credit card account which I did not ever signed up or use a credit card. Them crooks