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This is the worst bank that I have ever dealt with. Their representatives and negotiator are full of *** We filed for the FHA Home Affordable Modification Program due to loss of income.

I lost my job but am collecting unemployment. They pre-approved us in July 2010 and told us that we would get a packet in the mail from hem in 4-6 weeks. After 6 weeks we called them and told them that we never received the packet. They told me that they didnt know what I was talking about and that there was no information in their computer that we even called them.

So, we had to refile and then we received a letter a couple of weeks later saying that we are denied. We never even received the packet or sent in any financial documents. I kept names and dates that I spoke with them, when I confronted them about this they told me there was no record of these conversations and they did not know if anyone worked there by these names. I then hung up, called back and asked for a supervisor.

He took my information and told us to fax all the needed documents with our loan number on every page because documents are misplaced and mixed up all the time. We faxed every page and kept confirmation pages. I called back the next day to verify that they received it and they did. The following week, I called back to check on the status.

They told me it was in review, not to worry. I called the next week, spoke to a representative who told us that the only way we could move up to the top of this list for the program is to miss 2-3 payments. I was concerned but was reassured that there are 200 programs and we would get approved faster if we did this. So, we did and now we are paying for it.

After numerous phone calls and idiotic representatives, we finally were assigned a negitiator. He was rude and another ***. He said we had 3 days to send in our financial infomation so the underwriter can make a decision. On Nov.

9th, I called back for an update. The representative told me that we were denied and I started flipping out. I wanted to know why and she said she wasn't sure. She instant messaged the negotiator and asked him why we were denied and what can we do from here.

According to her, he stated get a job. Let me state the obvious, If it were that easy I would have gotten one already! What an ***! So now, the lady stated that if we do not come up with the past due amount in 2 weeks, they will start the foreclosure process!

Luckily, I am not the type of peron who gives up that easy. I contacted HUD and they gave me the chairpersons email address for Bank of America and my state representative's information and i was told to send both of them detailed descriptions of names dates and incidents. It has only been 2 days but we have already received a phone call from a mitigation attorney who wants to represent us to fight Bank of America.

I hope all of this works out for us. Keep fighting and don't let these ignorant people win!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Loan Modification.

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Sorry I haven't checked my email in a couple of weeks so I'm back to list all of the names and numbers that I have. I hope that this information helps everyone. (Office of the president)

I started by sending her an email stating every date I called Bank of America, whom I spoke to and what the conversation entailed. It's important to have facts becaus they record some conversations.

Next, I contacted these people

Melissa A Henderson (Negotiator Chairman)

800-405-0078 EXT 3057

Jessica Coleman (Negotiator)

866-788-8495 EXT 7701

Pam Preciado

800-669-2443 EXT 5105 (Office of the President)

Do not give up! Do not let them win and take your home in the process. Keep fighting. I hope you have the same end result that we did. We just mailed out our first payment for the Home Affordable Program. Annoy them until they listen. Call every day, leave messages then call back again! God Luck To All! :)





Hello melissa I was also declined by BOFA stating I did not have enough income to modify the loan. Which I know is not true.

Because an organization reviewed my financial prior to see if I qualified. Can you please provide me with the numbers of people you contacted. Tried to Contact HUD myself but office closed today. I am in NY.

thnx .


Melissa, I am going throught the same thing with Bank of America. I am behind on my mortgage.

We have very little income and 3 children. I started the loan mod ification in Aug. 2010. Everytime I call BOA someone tells me something different.The last time it was,I am denied because I don't qualifiy for the program.

What?!It's a little game to them. You stated you would give anyone any info so I wanted to know who I need to email/contact to get the same outcome as you?

Thanks Stacey


You guys are far better off than I am, I have been working with Bank of America since May 2009 after I changed job and experience income reduction. I am struggling with my bills.

They have made a single proposition in my case, and they have ruined my credit for missing few payment.

I encourage everyone to deals with small banks, especially credit Unions. God will punish them for being so cruel.


To Everyone: Update, at 2PM today, I received a phone call from the chairperson at the negotiators office. The email that I sent to the presidents office and my state respresentative was forwarded to the negotiator and he informed me that because of this our modification has gone through!!

DO NOT GIVE UP!! Fight to keep your home!! Do not let them get away with anything! If your bank is Bank Of America, I can give you all of the phone numbers and names that I have so that you can hopefully get the same outcome that I did.

Our mortgage has gone down from $1200 to $850 and all of the arrears is being put on the backend of the loan. The interest rate has also been lowered to 4.625%. Thank you for all of your replies and I will give any information that anyone wants, just ask.

Please checkout, this website has alot of the higher ups email addresses and phone numbers for all different banks. Hope this helps some of you.


Thanks for all of the replies. I was on the phone with Bank of America for another 3 hours last night.

Due to the fact that I emailed the Chairperson of Bank of America and contacted my state representative, the representatives are not able to discuss my account with me. It is now noted on my account that any phone call from me must go straight to the office of the president. Which does not help when they give you a number that is no longer in service!! I got the right number online, called back and asked to speak with a manager, demanded that I want a new negotiator and then left 3 nasty messages with 2 other chairpeople.

The mitigator company that I called is named HomeSafe. They sound like they know what they are doing but they charge almost 2,000 and they said it can take up to 6 months so we are afraid to take the risk of hiring them and being foreclosed within that time frame.

So, right now we are just trying to pay this months mortgage and borrow from friends and relatives to pay back what we owe. Besides all of this our credit is ruined also


What is that attorneys name? Same thing happening to me.


I have the EXACT same problem!!! Its amazing...I have NEVER EVER EVER been late on anything in my life!!! I am sooo anal with my credit since I was 18 years old. Used to have excellent credit. Was not behind on my mortgage, I simply wanted the monthly payment or interest rate to go down. I apply for the *** modification in Dec 2009. NOONE WARNS you that this *** ruins your credit!!! They put me on the reduced trial period payments. Recently out of curiosity, I run my credit and I nearly had a heart attack when I saw my scores and 180+Day late. Eventhough though you make in full trial payment, these bastards report each payment as a late payment to the credit agencies. In my case, its appears on paper like if I have not paid my mortgage for over 1 YEAR!!! And all this mess for WHAT?? NOTHING!! Still no modification, decline declined declined, appeal appeal, re-apply,review review review, ALL BULL!!!! When you call them its a mess, different story every time you call, all he said/she said, run around, a NIGHTMARE...Can someone please help me, give me advice on how to atleast repair my once great credit and atleast after so much torture, getting the *** modification. Let me know....thanks

Melissa, I am interested in finding out how things worked out for you? Did you get anywhere? Email me at