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Donald Smith


Feb 23 at 8:38 PM

This is Dr. Smith. I've been in touch either in person or by phone nine times in six weeks. Every other week my cards do not work (I make $120,00 a year), every other day I cannot get on online banking. My current cards are frozen and I have an important dinner that I am holding at a restaurant tonight where it will be my job to pick up the check - any suggestions? Bank of America always says my cards are fine but they are not. I couldn't even buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks the other day. A young idiot agent I spoke to (you can trace it as your calls are recorded) promised me overnight delivery of a new MC, AMX and Debit card via FedEx. It never arrived. In short I have no money and no way of accessing it and it is your fault. I want you to track that guy down, hand him a cardboard box for his desk and show him the door. The icing on the cake is having spent an hour and a half phone time to get to customer service without luck call back or call them. As you probably know, Forbes has declared that Bank of America has the worst customer service in the nation. As a twenty five year customer I agree. The icing on the cake is your phone number on the back of the credit card is "closed for repairs". For Christ sake you're a billion dollar company, you don't have a work around? Tell me what you are going to do about this and it has to be handled in the next hour as dinner is at 9:00. If you don't have the skill pull someone off IT and get it done. If you can't do that get me a supervisor, I've printed out all my transcripts and if I do not receive satisfaction I am personally going to arrange an appointment with Mr. Monihayn (look at my linkedin profile, I can do it). So, what are you going to do. I am a Dr. a busy one who does not have time for this nonsense. Perhaps BOA should send someone to service my clients with serious problems and I'll come do IT? This had better be a live chat as advertised on the web page or I am going to write every web consumer site in the world, your Facebook page, and engage my extensive social network. When we did this with Dell computer it cost them hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars. My recommendation will be that people migrate enmass over to Webster which has only one less branch than yourself, You've been cautioned, do not send me a form letter, fix this tonight, or going after BOAs reputation via a well formulated media campaign will be my mission for the year. -- Dr. Smith (Please note: no one ever got back to me. Your employees managed to greatly embarrass an author/speaker with an domestic/international reputation. Were I you I'd give all of them a cardboard box, give then fifteen minutes with their desks and then have security escort them to the door. You need to do damage control now. When major finance magazines are citing you as the worst customer service in America, it's time to sit up and take notice).

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Account.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Bank Of America Pros: Everyone should switch to webster it has only one less branch.

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Yeah like you would put BOA out of business and charge then "thousands of dollars". Pathetic .

You think the bank cates about you?

They could care less if you close an account. I mean you'll probably die in 30 years anyways


Someone who earns “$120,00” a year really can’t afford a credit card, that’s poverty regardless of where you live in the country, must not be a good doctor and clearly BOA understands this and has limited their exposure to you

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